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10/25/2019 12:00:12 PM

Shadowkeeps story campaign was too short.

Other than the length of the story it was done well. It was beautiful, well acted, amazing level design and the nightmares are a neat idea. My praise ends abruptly when we talk about the campaign. It leads you on, making you feel that years of questions we had about the over all story would be finally answered. All it's ending does is present us with more questions and tie it's self into the raid/vex invasion. But even if you intend to spread a narative out over time, it should feel like the chapters of a book and each chapter should feel like it wraps up neatly. Curse of Osiris had one of the shortest stories yet it still had a proper ending that felt like an ending. To those who haven't finished it yet when you do get there you'll be wondering wait there's not another mission and your blood will no doubt boil. Rise of Iron which they compared it to was an amazing dlc which had a good solid story that wrapped itself up at the end. If Rise of Iron had ended with a lot of unanswered questions it wouldn't have been a good experience. In every story we identified a problem, encountered it's source, and worked on a method to end that source as to resolve the problem. This was the first time we broke that mold and not for the better.

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