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Adventures not rewarding legendary gear

Had to rewrite my post 3 times now because of some irritating website designs on the forums here, so I'll keep it short: - Came back to D2 with migration to Steam, deleted all my old characters to "start fresh" - Completed Red War and Warmind stories with "main" Warlock, decided to do adventure on Mars with "Legendary Gear" as reward - No legendary item dropped on successful completion, no engram, only Seraphite resource - Switched to Titan I had created at the same time as my fresh Warlock, same adventure, same result - Created completely new Warlock yesterday, same adventure, same result - I likely had completed this adventure about 12 months ago with my old characters - Friend of mine created new character last night, ran adventure in EDZ he most likely already completed with other characters - gets rewarded legendary item Got screenshots of two runs from the adventure "Deathly Tremors" on Mars, showing Seraphite being rewarded but nothing else, don't have any external upload sites tho so I'll keep them as backup on my PC. Hope this issue gets fixed in the future, running adventures seems completely useless now for me except for the "story" element to them Tested this issue with I think 3 different adventures on Mars, all of them not rewarding the legendary gear. I think one run in the EDZ also didn't reward me any item but can't confirm right now.

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