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Editado por Mirolog: 10/13/2019 12:55:11 PM

"Imperial Cartographer Gauntlets" (From Titan Eververse set) constatly clip through weapons in first person

"Imperial Cartographer Gauntlets" (From Titan Eververse set) have giant claws around character's hands. While it looks cool, first person animations are not meant to work with such armor, so these claws clip through stuff. For example: Clipping is less noticeble with bigger weapons, however with smaller ones it's quite apparent. Holding a ghost looks like your guarding has six fingers xD Claws also clip through stuff in some running animations, in menu when selecting ornaments, etc. So it would be nice if this clipping is fixed - after all this armor set is sold for Silver in Eververse, those gauntlets often look like a buggy mess in first person. Claws can be made smaller, or they could be attached to hands so they can bend around and not clip through other things so often.

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