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10/13/2019 9:12:57 AM

day 13 and my characters are still not here

i did the transfer i the middle of august for my account to my steam account and my characters and dlc i had haven't transfer and all bungie has to say is try it again or make a new steam account i'm sorry to say hell to that is a lazy fix. I only got one account so i haven't messed up the transfer and i was the one helping my friends to do the transfer and they got all they characters and dlc. Bingie do you even care about your fans at this point also here the about my account haven't linked. I also tried to do the transfer everyday since the move and I am sick of this i want to play this game with my friends but with my characters and dlc i had bungie i also bought the shadowkeep dlc before the move to and i can't play that. so please bungie can you just fix this problem your starting to make your fans angry at this point.
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