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10/8/2019 10:43:17 AM

[PC] The Cyberpunks very casual (existing since BETA) Clan returning for Shadowkeep

We are an old school PC Clan existing since the Beta of D2 and are looking now for a fresh start with Shadowkeep... We enjoy doing open world pve stuff, missions, some casual pvp, but most of us have busy RLs and schedules and also reached a certain age where we cant really manage to be full-time raiders. - if ur looking for some chill, casual, non-time pressure, fun and a friendly clan, feel free to join us. - Powerlevel or DLCs are not a requirement, as long as u enjoy the game u are more than welcome - pls bring some basic manners, most of us are way past the rage-quit swear words mass usage age - we are always helping with game related questions in the clan chat and (as long as we are not busy with grinding for something ourselves) also ofc going to help with missions and the likes - we don't use discord, because we rather play the game than micro-managing often non game related discord issues (been there, done that) - u dont have to be online every week, but if we run out of space we might kick some long time offliners

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