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No Luck

(Page 63) Despite the Spider now referring to her as a friend, Shadow remained suspicious of him. His odd way of speaking and slightly suggestive comments made her shudder. And the more time that passed, the more anxious and hopeless Shadow became. Distracted by her mission to kill the barons, overwhelmed with worry for Variks, Shadow hardly rested. She was no closer to figuring out where the Judgement scribe had fled to. Though, the hunter had to admit, working alongside Spider’s associates was... satisfying. They fought well together, protecting one another. She hoped she had managed to impress them just as much. A faint sense of guilt settled in the pit of her stomach. What about Variks? Would he approve of these outsiders? And what about her own people? She felt far more... right, with the eliksni by her side. [i] “You should have been eliksni.”[/i] Variks’s words echo in her mind. Pride warred against her guilt. How thrilling to be working side by side with the eliksni. She watched them carefully, studying their movements and battle tactics. She had hardly been able to hold her grief when one of her comrades had been lost. It only served to fuel her rage against the barons. However talented either guardian or eliksni might have been, it had not sufficed in their attempt to hunt the barons. A sense of responsibility to kill them rested heavily, a burden, on Shadow’s shoulders. She knew it was what Cayde— and Variks— would have wanted. [i] “You think you will succeed where Cayde-6 failed?”[/i] She heard the harsh, grinding voice of the Fanatic in her mind, filling her with doubt. No, Shadow didn’t think she would succeed — not alone. [i] “Killing is what you do— killing is [b]all[/b] you do.”[/i] Shadow raised her chin defiantly. She pushed the echo away. [i]No. I don’t just kill... I also love. Something you could never understand.[/i] It only served to remind her once again that she desperately needed to find Variks. What was there to look forward to, if not that? Base survival, living only because she drew breath. That was her goal here, just as important as taking her vengeance on these barons.

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