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Head Count

(Page 61)      "Someone's hacking our comms."      Shadow pauses, lowering her rifle, and sure enough, an accented, cocky voice enters her earpiece.      "You're late. Here I was thinking I'd be hunting Uldren alone."      [i]Late? You have no authority to tell me I'm late.[/i]      "Petra Venj," her ghost responds.      "We need to talk. Face-to-face."      [i]Oh, great. Just what I need, to see your smug face.[/i]      "I'm on my way to see an old acquaintance. Word is he wants Uldren and his Barons dead as much as we do."      Shadow raises one smooth, black eyebrow, her curiosity piqued.      "Problem is, the feeling is mutual, so my acquaintance is laying low in a hidden bunker. If we want him to open the door, we can't leave any witnesses. Clear the area."      While grudgingly clearing out the scorn, Shadow makes a decision. While she doesn't want to waste her time with Petra... this may be the perfect time to ask her if she had any knowledge of where Variks was.      As Shadow enters the tunnel, her black armor blending into the darkness, Petra's voice intrudes her thoughts once more. "I'm sending you some back up. Please- don't shoot the back up."      [i]Back up? I'm a guardian! [/i]Shadow grits her teeth offendedly.[i] I don't need back—[/i]      She stops short, watching a couple rather odd looking eliksni shooting at a corrupted one. She slams her fist into the fallen's back, killing him. Prepared to doge around the other eliksni, the last thing Shadow expects is for them to turn and look at her without firing.      With a thrill of shock, the hunter realizes this must be the back up. An odd anger twists in the pit of her stomach. Petra had eliksni friends? Pushing the feeling away, Shadow eyes the two eliksni, raising their voices in victory over their enemy. They were adorned with armor she'd never seen before— and with a skip of her heart she realizes they're only half clothed to begin with. She meets their curious gazes with her own golden eyes. She nods once.      Although neither of them speak, they wait for her to approach. One of them leads the way— Shadow stalls nervously as the other stays beside her. Almost a foot taller, he looks down on her, his chest puffed out proudly, gun in hand. Curious but not wanting to appear rude, she averts her eyes, following his companion.      "Our back up... are fallen." Her ghost sounds bewildered and taken aback.      Shadow shoots him a glare. "Eliksni."      "Oh." Petra response. "Did I forget to mention that?"      Shadow grips her gun hard enough for her hands to turn white.      She follows the eliksni as they take up positions to battle the corrupted fallen, a walker exploding in the distance. Her eyes widen in unconcealed fascination, watching them fight. As their enemies fall, they raise their guns, cheering in their own gutteral language. Excitement fizzes over her skin. Fighting alongside eliksni, it felt right.      She shakes her head, breaking her trance, and moves in to help them. She falls into position beside them almost naturally, darting in ahead where she was needed. Her eyes stray to them continuously, distracted. They pay her no mind, simply staying close to her side. Her heart swells despite the fact that she didn't know these eliksni. Their bullets whip past her ears, and she revels in the feeling of comradery. She can't help but show off, blasting through a horde of scorn with her arc staff.      More than once, in the heat of the fight, Shadow accidentally shoots in their direction, forgetting they were on her side. She cringes inwardly, ducking her head apologetically, but neither of them seem to care, hardly giving her more than a twitch of their shoulders.      Taking on another bout of scorn, Shadow finds herself overwhelmed. There were so many of them, and something about them made her skin crawl. Fear pulses sharply in her chest as a larger scorn thrusts her against a wall, pinning her there.      Shadow hisses furiously, kicking at the ugly creature to no avail. If they could kill Cayde and his ghost, surely they could kill her. The scorn lunges toward her, but stops halfway as he's flung aside with a powerful blow to the head. Shadow lets out a breath of relief, looking up to see one of her eliksni allies striking at the scorn with claws sharp as knives. They pause, staring at each other. "Thank you."      She assumes he understands, victorious laughter rasping in his throat. She shudders, feeling very small beside him.      Petra's voice interrupts their moment. "The Barons' leader, the Fanatic, has the power to resurrect dead fallen as frenzied, bloodthirsty puppets. And he believes Uldren gave him that power."      Confused questions buzz around in her mind, but one thing remains clear. They killed her vanguard. Sorrow peirces her heart, recalling Cayde's last moments of life, only to be replaced with a slow, boiling anger that has been building ever since he died.      Shadow follows the eliksni, heading to meet with Petra, her thoughts becoming distracted by them once more. Both of them take up positions beside the lair, leaving Shadow to enter alone.      She hesitates.      Taking a few slow steps back, she observes the closest one to her. Her fear of being rude seems to evaporate under her fascination. "Wow..." she breathes, leaning in to inspect her new ally. "Erm, hi."      He growls softly.      "My name is Shadow."      Silence.      "Uh, what's yours?"      He looks straight at her through his mask, and replies with a husky, accented voice that sends shivers down her spine. "Arrha."      She observes his chest, heaving with breaths, his dark, shimmering exoskeleton. He tilts his head at her. She hardly notices, peering at his weapons. His twitching hands catch her eye, studded with sharp yellow claws. Was that what Variks's hands looked like? How utterly fascinating. She feels admiration for the strength of the eliksni, the intelligence of their ingenuity.      Shadow becomes lost in thought, admiring his body. She circles him. He grunts, startling her. "Sorry," she mutters shyly, backing away. "I just— I've never seen an eliksni... like this.. so up close." She stares at him in awkward silence. His heavy breathing and growling into his mask are the only sounds.      "Um, thank you for your help. I hope to see you again later." She casts one last glance back at him. His chest heaves once and she wonders if he was amused.      She jumps, startled and irritated to see Petra waiting right around the corner for her. She lets out a sigh.      "Shine your shoes, guardian. You're about to meet... the Spider."

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