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9/1/2019 11:55:28 PM

Less Is Less

(Page 60) [b]The Hole, Prison of Elders [/b] “Hey, welcome back.” The voice is distant and muffled, but not without an obvious note of anxiety. Shadow pushes herself shakily to her feet. Her eyes blink open slowly, one after another. She raises a hand to her throbbing head. “Augh... what happened?” “We fell 20 stories down, and I can’t reach Cayde. Or Petra,” her ghost informs her. Shadow scrambles through the debris, stumbling upon swirling trails of ether. She eyes them curiously. “Ether trails. Look out for escaped fallen... but, this ether is... wrong, somehow.” Shadow’s brow furrows nervously. What was it they had been trying so hard to stop from escaping? She starts in alarm as some sort of fallen like creatures burst through a door for her. “What the— ?!” She doesn’t get to finish her sentence, tossing a grenade into the fray and opening fire. “These ... things... they used to be fallen.” “Used to be?” Shadow pants in alarm. “The fallen didn’t just become this. Someone did this to them.” Shadow’s jaw clenches. Who? Hadn’t they been through enough? “Detecting activity below us, but I still can’t get anyone on comms.” Fear begins to pulse through the hunter’s veins. She pauses to observe their sickly, grotesque looking bodies. The awoken woman curls her lip in disgust. The silence of the prison now was eerie to her. No blaring alarms, no shooting, no screams of hive.... no Variks. She looks into the smoke filled distance with a sharp amber eye. “Variks?” She calls out hesitantly. All she hears in return is her own voice, echoed back. Her heart sinks, though she didn’t expect a response. Failing to get through a fused door, Shadow begins crawling through air ducts to get to a lower level with a growing sense of dread. The sight of eliksni crawling around, exploding into clouds of ether, did nothing to soothe her discomfort. Her heart races, chills spreading along her skin as a strange, terror-inducing pulsing sound echoes around her. Shadow has never heard this sound before— but her ghost’s next words did not surprise her. “No!... Cayde’s ghost... she’s dead... “ Shadow’s skin crawls in horror. “Without his ghost, Cayde dies.” Shadow breaks out of her trance at the realization. “We’ve gotta find him!” The hunter slides further down the ducts, pausing at the sight of a heart-stopping abomination, struggling to break down a door. In a blast of light and fury, Shadow destroys it, along with a horde of corrupted eliksni. “Hold on Cayde! We’re coming!”

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