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Book: Shadow’s War (Page 57)

Entry (10/10) for Shadow’s War Shadow’s heart leaps with joy and anxiety all at once. The first trace of evidence since the Red War! “Ghost! GHOST!” Shadow’s heart practically explodes with excitement. “What is this?” Further words are choked in her throat, caught with emotion. Glitch floats toward the crate covered in a House of Judgement tarp, scanning it. Shadow holds her breath. “Supplies marked for House of Judgement...” He pauses and looks at his guardian with that searching blue eye. She meets it with an intense amber gaze. “I wonder what happened to Variks. You think the Reef survived the Red Legion?” This was the first time her ghost had shown any interest in questioning Variks’s whereabouts, and she was silenced by thought. Variks was clever. Variks would have escaped the legion. She was sure of it. But that didn’t stop the worry gnawing at her belly. She takes a deep breath. “He’s alive. And we’re going to find him.”

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