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Book: Shadow’s War (Page 56, Mithrax)

Entry (9/10) Shadow can still feel the eyes of the captain on her as she pressed her hands up against the security box. A shudder passes through her body. "He [i]looked[/i] at me."      "I didn't mean to free him," her ghost butts into her thoughts wryly.      "I know. But I would have meant to." A spark of hope flares in the guardian’s chest. "An eliksni has never looked at me like that before..." [i]Besides Variks.[/i]      "I just can't believe he's still ahead of us. He's much cleverer than most of the captain's we've met. Well, I say "met," but know what I mean."      Shadow dissolves into deep thought as she rounds the corner to the reactor. The hunter's eyes stretch wide. She drops into a crouch, loading her gun.      It was the captain! His swords clashed with a hive knight's— they looked about equally matched — and Shadow watches anxiously.      "Remind me, do we like the hive or the fallen better?"      Shadow hardly spares an incredulous glance at her ghost before accepting the fact that there was anger surging through her chest. It wasn't even a decision for the hunter. It was natural, an instinct. "Hey! Leave him alone!" She calls out, running towards them, carefully timing her shots to hit only the knight. She didn't want to accidentally wound the eliksni.      Shadow knew this wouldn't get her anywhere, just like all the other times she had defended fallen. They always shot at her anyways. But her connection with these people was too strong for her to ignore, and she would continue to defend them against evil like the hive, whether they appreciated it or not. She knew Variks would.      The knight looked confused, glancing between the captain and the guardian. Shadow doesn't give him time to think about who to attack first. With a grunt, she unsheathes her knife, stabbing it into the knight's chest.      With the knight dead, Shadow fully expects the captain to turn on her. She looks at him, prepared to defend herself— she needed that reactor for Zavala— but her mouth opens slightly in shock as the captain stares back. She lowers her gun as the captain takes slow, cautious steps towards her, grumbling in his own gutteral language. Shadow wishes she could speak it— now would have been the perfect time for communication. Shadow looks up at him, her golden eyes interlock with his; bright, glowing blue. Her stomach churns with nerves, her heart flutters. The captain creates some foreign gesture with his blades as Shadow watches, fascinated. He speaks directly to her in his language.      "You're... welcome?" She swallows, feeling faintly embarrassed that she couldn't understand. Instead, she bows slightly, keeping her eyes on him. With a blink of acknowledgment, the captain teleports away.      Shadow is left standing there in a daze.      "I think that captain just [i]gave[/i] us the reactor..."      Fondness envelopes the hunter, her chest swelling with pride and hope.      "You think you understand the fallen, and then... well, let's take it. Sloane's waiting."      Shadow watches her ghost numbly.      "Sloane, you'll never guess what happened."      Sloane's voice comes through Shadow's earpiece. "You... killed a Captain and found a methane reactor?"      "We didn't kill him. He let us have it. Just looked at us and left."      Shadow looks at her ghost anxiously. Should they be telling her about this? It would only fuel more fights with other guardians if they found out. Zavala's voice follows. "Fascinating! This is an excellent example that the universe is... a complicated place."      Shadow rolls her eyes and sighs inwardly. [i]No[/i], she thinks. [i]You just think it's fascinating because you don't see them as any more than bugs who mindlessly kill.[/i]      "...That perhaps there are more things in the heavens than can be dreamt of in our philosophy. At any rate, bring in your prize, Guardian."

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