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Story ideas

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Hi! I'm thinking of writing my first destiny story on here, and I would like some feedback on which story the community would enjoy the most. [spoiler]I am also a beginner story writer and this would be my first book to ever write and possibly complete[/spoiler] If you have other ideas please let me know ^.^ Option #1: Summary: Story of my fireteam (my 3 characters) and their struggles. Outline: The story of my Hunter, Titan, and Warlock from start to now. How they met, tragic and intense parts, defeating the raids and the many DLC campaigns. (This would be divided into parts like a book series) Option #2: Summary: Story of a Hunter that gets mysterious markings all over her body. Part of some other races prophecy. Outline: The story of a Hunter who wakes up one day with strange white markings all over her body. She tries to get help from the city and it's specialists, but they don't know what to do about the markings. They think the markings are from some alien race, but aren't positive. (Probably just be one book, unless the readers wanted a sequel.

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