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Destiny's LORE Book

If Bungie won't be able to explain all the Destiny's LORE of D1 in D2, it means that we [i](we, us, really interested about Destiny's lore)[/i] will need something where to find all the informations about it. We'll need a book, a register, a book to check and read all the missing pieces about the entire messed up LORE of this game. Most importantly: [b]WE[/b]. [b]NEED[/b]. [b]A TIMELINE[/b]. We need to know [b]EXACTLY WHEN[/b] the events occurred, in which order and how long they last. I'm not talking of some shitt* novel, I mean litterally a sort of "history book" of Destiny. No Grimore cards, no things to check with our Ghost, no hypothesis, no speculations or whatever. [i][b]FACTS[/b][/i]. Detailed facts, black ink on white paper. We're playing a game with a great story behind that moves through centuries and we don't even know in which -blam!-in* year we are. Darkness bla bla bla we don't even know what Darkness is and we don't even know what day is today. That's so -blam!-in* stupid and lame. So, Bungie, I don't know how you're going to do this, but do it. Book, e-book,. whatever, in all lenguages as possible, hard cover, good quality paper, full of artworks, and remember. TIMELINE, FACTS, DETAILS.

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