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Editado por THATWASAWKWARD11: 4/23/2017 12:20:25 PM

Destiny 2 co-op

Ok, I've had tons of fun in destiny over the past three years. And honestly it's one of my favorite games. But there are a few things wrong with it, one of those being the is no co-op split screen. I will admit that I understand it's not type of game to have those features, and I'm not saying it should be for every event. For instance maybe not for raids and trials, but why not have it for normal crucible, strikes and story missions? And I'm no programmer so I'm sure it's harder than it sounds, but it can't be so hard that they just leave it out when it's something people would want. In short I would love a local co-op option in Destiny 2. I know it is very unlikely, but please bungie. Do it for the children. Sincerely, THATWASAWKWARD11

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