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Still Not Fixed - Class Quests Not Registering In Record Book

[i]EDIT : Okay, to clarify, I'm talking about the Class Crucible Quests (3 per Character Type) - When you beat these quests, you get an Emblem, and Partial Completion in the record book. I have already done all 9 Class Crucible Quests and have all 9 Emblems and Shaders in my kiosks to show as proof of completion. However, ONLY MY HUNTER record book shows completion. My warlock and titan say they never did it. Even though I have the quest completion awards equipped on them. This is my problem. And probably for millions of others too.[/i] my hunter is fine, but my warlock and titan books are not registering the "crucible quests" for completion facts : i signed in on my hunter first before the others the first day of AoT i have proof in my kiosk (via shaders and emblems) that you receive for completing the quests the record book should auto-complete those nodes just on the fact that my character has the rewards for already completing those quests i have no way of redoing these quests outside of deleting my characters, and restarting from scratch and obtaining the quests again - - this isn't going to happen again, i ALREADY HAVE DONE THE QUESTS, AND HAVE THE REWARDS IN MY KIOSKS - - why does the game not complete the crucible quest nodes on my titan and warlock, even though my hunter is fine ... ?

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