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3/31/2017 3:34:55 AM

Lysander's Cry

To whom it may concern, There is a page in the new record book named [b]Wanderer[/b], and one of the milestones called [i]Concordat's Shadow[/i] is to [i]Find Lysander's Cry[/i], which was a sparrow available at the tower for everybody that grabbed the Bannerfall's ghost during The Dawning event. My problem is that I had the ghost but I barely played The Dawning, due to college and work, and by the time I figured how to grab the sparrow the event was over. I want to know if there is a way for me to still get that sparrow and complete the node from the Wanderer page?? I'm a very perfectionist person and I've spent hours and hours playing the game to make sure that I have every single item possible. I'm sure that a lot of other people didn't pick up the sparrow either and some of my friends are having the same issue too. It would be very nice if there was another way, to complete this node to accomplish 100% of the book, i.e. Eververse, or just put it back under the stairs of the Future War Cult "cube". Thank you and have a nice day!! GT: SoShofty PS.: I really want to complete all the pages from the book and that is the only node that I can't unlock. I've been playing the game since the beta and I have everything that the game brought upon me. Please help me!! Plus the sparrow looks very nice too!

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