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3/30/2017 5:14:36 AM

Need HELP, record book won't stop "Updating"

As you know when you complete records within the book it will show the record that you achieved on the side of your screen. However I've encountered a glitch with mine as it will continuously (at random intervals from 5-20 mins) show "Multiple Records" along with the completion sound. It is becoming increasingly frustrating as it happens when I least expect it and sometimes gets me to believe I've just updated the book when in reality it's just stuck on a loop. Also on my Allegiances page it has a few of the nodes grey out like I haven't completed them however I have and it will even tell me that during the "glitch" that I described above because it will list that specific node instead of the regular "Multiple Records". If you know how to fix this please tell me, I've searched and have found nothing so far.

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