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3/29/2017 9:51:40 PM

Class Quests : Record Book Not Counting Them Completed : I Have The Shaders and Emblems To Prove I Completed Them

I noticed that the Class Quests for Shaxx and Vanguard are not counted in my record book. I cannot complete these quests, as I already completed them. I have the shaders and emblems for completing them in my Kiosk, I can even equip them if Bungie doesn't think I'm being honest. You need to patch the record book so that if someone has the emblems and shaders from completing the Shaxx and Vanguard questlines for the classes, that the record book automatically completes the nodes. I am *NOT* deleting all 3 of my characters, and making 3 new characters, just so I can go back and complete the class quests for Shaxx and Vanguard, and get the shaders and emblems all over again which I already have in my kiosk and can equip for proof as they are already done.

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