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2/14/2017 3:40:36 AM

Got My First Phantom Medal Today

So it was on Crossroads. I was on the tiny little island with my Devil's Dawn and NL Shadow 70X(or whatever) and I was picking people off. I ran out of sniper ammo, so I started taking out people with my rifle. It took time, but I got some kills. Then some people noticed me and tried to stop me. One person comes through the gate behind me, and I mow him down. 2 more guys come at me, and I have to reload, I throw a tripmine grenade at them and.... DOUBLE KILL! Flysergeant K is a phantom..... I WAS SO EXCITED!! I didn't even know I had taken no damage! But, when I went to hit record, It opened up the side bar, but no recording option. Why? I have the setting ON on my xbox, and I really wanted to record this special moment. But no. Sad. Fixes?

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