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Split Screen Destiny 2?

[spoiler]*A Wild Gringo has appeared*[/spoiler] Who doesn't love split screen? I mean honestly many Halo fans could site some of their favorite memories as sitting on their couch with their friends playing together on split screen. If you want to see how much people enjoyed this feature, just see [url=]Angry Joe's reaction to Halo 5 not having split screen[/url]. Many games from Xbox 360 and PS3 included the feature. In fact, it wasn't until Next Gen that the trend of dropping the Split Screen function became a thing. Classic franchises started to drop Split Screen to the dismay of fans. Games series like Halo and Call of Duty to name popular ones. I think it goes without saying that Destiny would be a great game to incorporate Split Screen multiplayer. It is a game made by the people who made the wonderful Split Screen multiplayers in Halo. Destiny is a game built around socialization and I feel like the Split Screen would complement this. The only real downside I can see with Split Screen in Destiny is worse graphics when using the feature. I do feel like this isn't a good argument as those who would dislike this would feel no obligation to use the function. Destiny could only gain from split screen. There is also the argument that Bungie should work on something else. I guess then your opinion would change if you want this feature or not. If you would use split screen, then you would want Bungie to use time to make it. If you wouldn't use it, you wouldn't want Bungie using their time towards something you would not use While Destiny would probably not gain this feature, I have hopes for Destiny 2 that this will be implemented. What do you all think? Do you want it implemented, do you not really care about the feature, or is there another reason I missed that you do not want this feature in Destiny 2? [spoiler]Btw please explain why you hold an opinion. Don't just say "I want Split Screen" or "That's Retarded". Give us a reason why you feel that way.[/spoiler]

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