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9/28/2016 4:13:24 PM

Bat file help! If you have knowledge, help!

OK, so I want to run a class file I programmed with java through a bat file. I have the first bat file, WordGame.bat [spoiler]@echo off java WordGame[/spoiler] That works. The second one runs the first one Interview.bat [spoiler]WordGame[/spoiler] That works. This is my folder setup: [spoiler]-Interview ----Bin (folder) -------Scripts (folder) ----------WordGame.class -------WordGame.class -------WordGame.bat -------Interview.bat ----StartInterview.bat [/spoiler] I want the "StartInterview" to run "Interview", but I also want it to work when I send the files to my friend. So I can't do "cd C:\...\Interview\bin" then "Interview", I have to find a way so the bat file reads the file in the separate folder, but doesn't require like a specific path. (If my friend uses it, then it will be in a different path) The reason I don't need a path for the others is because they are all in the same folder. Thanks! Screenshots:

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