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Time to add split-screen

I need it


I don't need it


I think it is about time to admit that Destiny is lacking split-screen co-op. Destiny is a cooperative game in its core. But that exact thing is lacking. There aren't many reasons to help out and socialize with your fellow guardians, and if you find yourself queer enough to do so, you find you don't have the right tools for it. I personally am a very team-oriented player. I play mostly support classes and try a great deal to help out my teammates. But I often find out that it is not wise. My friends do not communicate via headsets or any other means, nor do they usually even notice what it is I am doing. I have to place a Ward of Dawn EXACTLY on top of their heads for them to notice. When I meet somebody on patrols or story missions, I usually pray for them to go away, they kill the monsters I want to kill, break into my feel of the game. There are a few bright exceptions, which I hold dear in my memories. But the best kind of memories I have from playing cooperatively is obviously from split-screen. It is ideal - communication, fun, team-play. Couch coop can help with the cooperative parts of the game and make a truly memorable experience. I want to share this beautiful world I am in love with with my dear ones, friends. I miss split-screen in Destiny, but it is better to say that Destiny is missing split-screen. It can only make the game better.

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