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10/13/2015 12:11:56 AM

Split-Screen in Destiny Could Sell More Copies

DISCLAIMER: This post is NOT primarily about opinions regarding if split-screen multiplayer is worth the drop in frame rate or not. This post intends to discuss the benefits of split-screen from a business standpoint. I have never really thought about it this way before, but since the argument for split-screen "because it's fun" has clearly gained no ground, I propose this reason for implementing split-screen into Destiny: Let's say I own Destiny. I play this game all the time, but none of my friends play it. I try to get my friends to play it, but none of them want to play, because they had a bad experience with the vanilla game, and they have been discouraged by Bungie's marketing practices. I could invite them to my house and let them give the game a whirl, but there are two problems with this method: 1. Their idea of "hanging out" does not involve them playing a game by themselves [u]at a friend's house[/u]. 2. While they may enjoy playing the game by themselves, Destiny is a game made to play with friends, and they cannot experience that key aspect without buying the game. Why would anyone want to give up $60 because they [i]might[/i] enjoy the game with their friends? Here's where split-screen comes in. Suddenly, my friend and I are playing on the same screen, using my copy of the game. I did not have to give up my own playtime to let him try the game out, and he got to experience Destiny multiplayer, the main reason most buy this game. He realizes that the Taken King made the game so much better for people who didn't play last year, and because he knows that he can experience that fun multiplayer, he buys the game for himself, knowing he can't always come to my house to play Destiny. Now, many readers may be thinking, "This is a made-up scenario. What if this doesn't happen?" Well, I can tell you that my little analogy above is my real life experience with this game. If Bungie implemented split-screen, there is a good chance that they would sell more copies, some of which would be going to my friends. If Bungie implemented split-screen, assuming that my friends are not alone in their consumer practices, the company's profit would have the potential to vastly outweigh the cost of adding this feature. So why wouldn't you do this, Bungie, if it could allow you to make a profit? Is it last-gen consoles that make split-screen in Destiny a problem? Does Bungie really care about the frame rate enough to drop split-screen? Leave your thoughts below, and bump if you support. Thanks.

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