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My NL Shadow 701X roll... is it good, godly, or crap?



meh, seen better (please add in what it was)


it's solid crap, dismantle/reroll (please say why)


Keep in mind that I can fire all scouts faster than they can shoot (accurately too) so I feel that full auto is a waste. Blame that on my love for the svu/mk14 from various CoD games... Here's my roll: Focus lens fla5 - long range, enhanced target acquisition, surprisingly light. Rodeo - reduces severity of recoil Single point sling - switch weapons faster, move quickly while aiming. (for when I need to pull out a shottie) Hidden hand - this wrapon gains better target acquisition. I feel this combination works amazingly together for pvp, and I want to get your opinion on it. *EDIT* With trying this out, now leveled up, I can tell you this much - hidden hand gives head shots when it would otherwise hit the upper chest or miss the head. Basically it's a larger headshot hitbox. Rodeo makes it have almost no recoil at all, not that I had much of an issue with it, but rodeo is ALWAYS active. And again, for me, full auto is a waste. I can shoot faster than this gun can fire, so there is no point in having it. And I don't mean just consistently, I mean at all times. For others it might be viable, but not me. **EDIT** Full auto does NOT increase the rate of fire (on shotguns due to a bug only, we are talking scouts here). It ONLY allows the weapon to perfectly hit the weapon's max RoF without any mispulls of the trigger. That means, if a weapon shoots every 200 ms, and you pull the trigger at 190 ms, it won't fire until you pull the trigger again. There is currently nothing in the game that will actually boost the rate of fire on any weapon past it's max RoF. Whoever started this rumor is either lying to you, or is an idiot. Don't get me wrong, there are benifits to this perk, but an increase of RoF is NOT ONE OF THEM. Also, did some testing, and rodeo really does make a difference with the kick. The reason I would say this is better that Zen moment, is that it is always in effect, rather than after damage is delt. I love firefly, but it is harder to pull off with high RoF weapons. It's too easy to miss the headshot with bullets rapidly firing, and seems better suited on slightly slower firing weapons to always get that last headshot. This is why I prefer hidden hand, which is always in effect whether you kill/damage an enemy or not. Explosive round are fun, but you lose a lot of damage to the explosion. However, shooting at grouped up enemies, it becomes a massively useful perk. In modes like trials, it is very rare that enemies will be grouped up for fear of nades. This perk works best in 6v6 pvp games, or in pve in general. Also note, this is a pvp build. I like this setup for one main reason - None of the perks are ever not used at any given time. They always have their effects on, whether I hit/kill/headshot/die, and has no loss of damage for any reason.

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