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"In The Brightest Day and The Darkest Night, We Stand Together"

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    Journeying through destiny's vast galaxy across its expansive worlds can sometimes be lonesome, that's where we come in. Psychedelic Fish is an established XBOX exclusive clan that is ready and willing to engage in all areas of destiny's universe. Psychedelic Fish defines the balance between a hardcore clan ready to dominate the crucible as well as competitive raids, and laid back casual clan filled with members that are searching for an active community of guardians to call their brothers. Psychedelic Fish aims to be a decade long clan, and is hoping to achieve legendary status among the Destiny Community, with your help we will dominate the galaxy. -Lexi

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originally posted in:Psychedelic Fish
3/13/2016 6:57:22 PM

Origin Story of Psychedelic Fish.

This was written by RunNGunDummy. I am posting it here as he can't. Hope you enjoy the backstory. Psychedelic Fish - back story (Destiny) An exert for the writing of an anonymous general. I have taken it upon myself to document the origin story of Psychedelic Fish to the best of my abilities. This story has been passed on from member to member upon induction but was never written down in full. Why this is we will never know. Some of this story has been lost or changed over time so I am writing down what I have been able to determine the closest to the original story. Sometime shortly after the Great Ahamkara Hunt and the eradication of the dragons happened, a group of likeminded guardians banded together. (It is undetermined exactly who these guardians were but I may be able to find something in the future. I will keep looking for the answer and hopefully find some clues. Our founders should not be lost to the mists of time.) The story continues that these were guardians of like mind and abilities. These guardians; through sheer hope, determination, and team work managed to survive all the endless onslaughts of evil sent against them by the darkness. They battled many evils through the seemingly endless Reef Wars and finally up to the battle of Twilight Gap. These guardians supposedly helped in fringe battles by breaking supply chains and through reconnaissance missions throughout this time. Though they were not part of the collective of Awoken that finally broke the bonds that held the houses of Kings, Devils, and Winter together they perportedly played a minor but important role. (An exact record of the missions our founders went on we cannot know because so many records from that time have been lost. It is only through the legends and stories of our oldest members that I was able to gather this much information on our found members rolls in the balls of those times.) Around the time of the battle of the Twilight gap these guardians determined they needed to expand their fellowship and thinking to other guardians of like mind and so recruitment began. At that time, expansion was slow and tedious. Psychedelic Fish wasn’t what it is today. There were many hardships and no few guardians were lost to the dark. It was a tough time that took its toll on everyone. Thus the Clan of Psychedelic Fish was formed. That still leaves the question of where the name Psychedelic Fish came from. (It is an odd one to be sure but research has allowed me to piece together a story I believe to be as accurate as possible about its development.) Over the years the founding guardians realized many things about fighting the darkness. They developed many skills, learned many facts and developed much of what we as guardians use for training to this day. But one truth learned through everything, this is a founding principal of our Clan to this day, is that through all the hardship, stress and and endless fighting you still have to make time to have fun or at least make fighting for your life and fellow guardians fun. So to remind all members that they still need to have fun in the grand scheme of things the first part of the name given to their new clan was Psychedelic. That still leaves Fish. (This part of the story is all legend and myth. It is impossible to determine if it is true or not because it is so unbelievable that I can hardly write it down as fact. It is still interesting and fun to say the least though.) The part of the name Fish is a nod to one of the best and most unusual friends one of the founding members ever knew. (The name of this founding member is undetermined at this time.) During a lone mission on Venus this founding member managed to come across a lone and outcast Ahamkara. The story goes that through sheer luck this founder managed to befriend the Ahamkara who helped her finish her mission and provided her with knowledge that has affected leadership of the clan ever since. (I was unable to determine what this knowledge is and was. The few that do know were either unwilling or unable to say.) The name of that Ahamkara was perportedly Fish after his favorite extinct Earth creature. The story continues that during the Great Ahamkara Hunt the Guardian managed to hide her friend until he was one of the last in existance. It was unfortunate but in the end, because he was so heartbroken over the loss of his brethren, he ended up dyeing of a broken heart. Though he passed he gave permission to his guardian friend to take the scales from his hide and craft a unique piece of armor that significantly reduced all incoming elemental damage so that she would always have a piece of him with her. (This is where the story ends. What happened to that unique armor and the resting place of the Ahamkara is still unknown.) In the end before she disappeared the guardian of this tale passed the knowledge given to her to a few of her fellow guardians as well as leaving her mark with the Fish portion of the name Psychedelic Fish. And so Psychedelic Fish was born. And thus it stands. This story has much value to all new guardians both within the ranks of Psychedelic Fish and among guardians as a whole. During my time compiling this information and data I learned a few truths myself. Most of all I will just say: Be brave guardians, Stand strong, Help your fellows, Always be on guard, Most importantly though have Fun and Remember those that we have lost.

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  • Exert from the diary of an anonymous general. So, something quite amazing happened to me the other day. Fortunately this amazing happening affects us all so I will share the story as best I can. To start off I will say that I was given a solitary task by the speaker some time ago. He asked me if I would study and document the movements and habits of several denizens of the dark. The speaker noticed upon my recruitment that I wasn’t your average ‘dead in the head’ brute of a titan. Knowing that I would be on the front lines of battle though, he asked me to observe and write down what I could in what little spare time I had. He asked me to study the movements and habits of any fallen, hive or cabal I came across that time would allow for. Now to my news and story. Several weeks ago I was on a routine patrol of Mars checking up on the enemy progress in several key areas. I was patrolling on my sparrow hitting some jumps and generally having a good time when I spotted some heavy enemy activity at the front of the imperial land tank. I noticed that there were a lot of scions wandering around and several others were unloading great crates from several drop ships. This in and of itself is unusual because that a area has been pretty well scoured of minions of the dark for some time now. Anyways I decided to not waste the opportunity to observe the scions in a non battle setting. So I decided to sneak around and climb the cliffs to the north of the scion activity. From where I was at it appeared that cliff face would provide me the best cover and vantage point to observe the enemy with out alerting them to my presence. It took me a good couple of hours to achieve my goal but I made it. The entire time I was sneaking around I wished I had some way to access hunter cloaking abilities. As I said I made it to the cliffs without being detected though. While I was up on the cliffs I made many interesting notations about scion activity and interactions. I have several theories about the scion species that I’m working on but don’t want to go into to much detail here. While I was compiling data I did not realize that a jackal had managed to spot me in his long range sites. He took his time sneaking over to my location following a similar path I had taken to get up on the cliffs. Unfortunately for me my vantage point did not offer a visual of my entrance point. I was so caught up in my observation and research I didn’t see or hear the jackal until he was just behind me. The jackal startled me so severely that I whipped out my trusty Choleric Dragon and quick fired off two rocket shots. Lucky for me one of those two shots hit the jackal also square in the chest blowing it to smithereens. Unfortunately for me the other shot hit part of the cliffs behind me and started a land slide. I'm just glad that quick jackal kill topped off my super ability. Before the land slide hit me I was able to drop my Ward of Dawn around me protecting my ghost and I from any major harm. It was definitely a close call and the sound of all that rubble grinding against my ward will probably never leave my nightmares. Once the dust settled and I was able to take a look around I noticed that a large portion of the cliff face had fallen with the land slide. I was really lucky that I was far enough up the mountain that almost all the rocks and dirt slid right past and didn't pile on top of my ward. The crazy part of the entire experience is the cave that was uncovered when the rocket started the slide. Burrowing straight into the bed rock, about 20 yards from where I was standing, was what appeared to be an unnatural cave running at about a 30 degree pitch straight back into the mountain. I of course decided to follow this strange phenomenon to see where it lead. I was hoping that it was part of the ancient cities of Mars but with it being so far from a known colony site I was unsure. I followed the cave about 100 yards into the mountain and it ended in a large rather empty room. I couldn’t see so well so far underground but my ghost was helpful enough to light up the room for me. I won’t go into detail right now about all that I found down there. Suffice to say that there was a lot of random really interesting items. Probably one of the best I found though was a skeleton next to a hoard of ancient hard copy and holo books. In the skeletons pocket I found a journal. It’s taken me close to three weeks to decipher the code the individual wrote his journal in but I have finally done it. Most of the journal was about random daily stuff but I did find a few passages that hold great interest to me. One of them even holds clues to the origins of Fish from what I can gather. The writer of the journal tells the tale of several guardians that saved his life. It’s this story that I think gives us a clue into the lives of the guardians that started Psychedelic Fish. As I read the journal I begin to piece together that the author lived some time during the events of the great Ahamkara Hunt. Whether he himself lived through them or was born sometime shortly after I cannot tell but it is interesting to speculate. Anyways the author was something of a collector and artifact finder. He tracked down many items thought to be lost and brought them back to the light of the city for his own profit. On one of his expeditions he was on venous taking down training manuals for some of the ancient technology that sits rusting in the city below the traveler. His journal states that he was sent to find the information by some of the guardians of the time. While he was on venous he spent the majority of his time looking through the artifacts in the college library seeing if he could find the information in the rotting pages of that grand hall. While he was in the upper stories of the library he ended up getting trapped by a roving band of vex who decided to set up shop on the lower levels though. Knowing that he was out gunned and would probably end up dead he decided to camp it out as long as he could to see if the vex would go their own way so that he could leave without haven’t to try to fight his way out. After being trapped for about a week and running out of food and supplies the journalist started to get desperate so he decided to light a fire in the upper stories. He hoped that one of the irregular patrols out searching for the last of the Ahamkara would see his smoke and come to investigate. Fortunately some one did see his desperate ploy for help. It’s stated that three guardians showed to see what was going on and found the vex. After the vex were quickly dispatched the journalist quickly made his way down and greeted the guardians and thanked them for their help. Seeing his desperate shape the guardians invited the journalist back to their camp for the night so that he could eat and rest up before heading back to the city. The journalist never refers to the guardians by name but calls them She Devil, Joker and Silent. Why he picked those names I do not know but their description leads me to think that they may be three of the founding members of Psychedelic Fish due to the time period, description and area that the events took place. The journalist said he hadn’t ever seen a strike team work so well together, have so much fun and still slaughter minions of the darkness so easily. The journalist stayed that the night he spent in the guardians camp was one of the best and most stress free times he could ever remember having in the field. That's all the important information I've managed to translate from the journal so far. Hopefully I will manage to pull more info on the originators of Psychedelic Fish from later entries of the journal.

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