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imagine a Destiny not limited by PVP

Imagine a Destiny where; You can upgrade your sparrow with weapons. Your choice of race gives you stat bonuses Class items are not just for show. Each class plays distinctly different. Bungie had a grand vision, take the pageantry and heraldry of the Knights of yore and incorporate that into a scifi space shooter. They came up with the idea of three classes that would fill your classic RPG roles of tank, healer and DPS. But ask yourself, in all honesty, did the final product really give you distinct classes? Do you really play your Titan any different than your Hunter or Warlock? I can only assume that the lack of the aforementioned features boils down to trying to balance PVP. But what if they didn't? Imagine your Titan decked out in hulking armaments comparable to the Cabal, carrying mini guns with 1000's of rounds with a secondary sidearm or a shoulder mounted rocket launcher. Imagine your Warlock able to pull the life out of your enemies and funnel it back to you and your fire team. Imagine your Hunter able to cloak, not for a few seconds but until an offensive action is taken. Then you truly would have a reason to play through the story multiple times other than to get 3 trophies/ achievements. Imagine if Patrol only opened up upon completing the planet's story missions and where you started was a Vanguard Outpost where you could purchase resources for Glimmer. Now Imagine you get an alert on your companion app or when you log in to Destiny that the Vanguard outpost on said planet was facing an imminent attack. Take the concept of Public Events to the next level. Classes would report to their respective Vanguards to select from different objectives. Titans could choose to hold the outpost of push the advance. Hunters could flank the enemy advance or disrupt their supply lines. You and a 100 or so of your fellow guardians working to repel the attack. No re spawns, only revives from your fellow guardians. If the outpost falls. It is lost for the week. No patrol missions, no resource farming until the Vanguard can mount a counter attack and retake the Outpost. Now let's talk PVP and how it could compliment this vision and not hinder it. I'm assuming Bungie doesn't want to be everyone on their massively armored Titans and mini guns dominating the severs. So imagine a PVP map that is a Vex Labyrinth (and let's also imagine that the paths to the center are procedurally generated so each match would be unique) with an item the Cryptarchs desire at its center. On one side of the PVP match you have players playing their guardians with the goal to retrieve and extract the object. On the other side, you have group of player playing as Vex Minotaurs. There would be no need to nerf classes or player weapons to balance things out. If matches start going one sided the developers need only adjust the damage output or resistance of the Minotaurs, I think everybody can agree on one thing; max level gear should be able to be obtained through either complete dedication to PVE or a complete dedication to PVP it is unfair to the gamer to force an aspect of the game on them that they enjoy less than others. A PVP player shouldn't have to run 25 strikes or complete a raid. Conversely, a PVE player shouldn't have to spend time in the crucible.

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