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PSA: Welcome to the Bungie Community!

[b]This is not a Destiny bashing thread. Several users who ask for posts to be moved are not Destiny haters. This is a simple effort by community members, new and old, to help organize the forums. Thanks and have fun![/b] Hello, if you’re new to the forums or returning after some time away, you may have noticed that some things have changed around here. You may notice that some users are directing you to what is called “#Recruitment” and you may have a few questions regarding what’s going on. [b]“I’ve always looked for groups and discussed Destiny here. What’s going on?”:[/b] Unfortunately, you’ve been posting in the wrong section the entire time. Due to the sheer numbers of posters, the moderators and Bungie had a hard time getting things in order, but they have now. #Community is for [i]all[/i] members of the Bungie community, including those who do not play Destiny. Have a creation concerning Destiny or Bungie? Share it here! Want to get to know fellow forum browsers better? Chat it up with them here! Want to find others that have an interest in your hobby? Look no further, they could be here! If you’re looking to find people to fend off the Darkness with, you’ll want to look at and begin posting in [url=]#Recruitment[/url]. You’ll find people there who are ready, willing, and able to help you with any events you want to tackle in Destiny. If you can’t post there for some reason, try [url=]#Help[/url]. [spoiler]Deej (Community Manager):[quote]A new update deployed today. It has some interesting impact on which logins will work here in the near future. Also, it opens up #Recruitment to accounts that are not linked to an active Guardian. Please go there in search of people with whom you can play a game. Here on #Community, the preferred topic of conversation is an analysis of our shared culture as people who share a website. Thanks a bunch![/quote][/spoiler] [spoiler]ChorrizoTapatio (Mentor):[quote]Hello if you've come here looking for help fighting in the Vault of Glass or any other challenge preventing you from kicking alien ass, this isn't the right place to do it. Truthfully you aren't likely to find help here. You may just piss a couple members off which isn't a very good thing because no one likes to see internet drama. In order to find some help taking down Atheon or any other SOB who steps your way, please seek help in the "Recruitment" forum. Please do not post threads seeking other players here, Gaming, Help, Bungie, Destiny, or Offtopic. I will begin moving threads there as soon as I get off of work soon. Thank you for your understanding and I hope you find the help you seek.[/quote][/spoiler][spoiler]Recon Number 54 (Ninja/Moderator) [quote] #Recruiting is getting TONS of action and the people who post there are getting what they are looking for... and getting it FAST. The misposters may be interested in knowing that.[/quote][/spoiler][spoiler]Deej (Community Manager):[quote]Hello, there. When I first came to Bungie, this board was the place where the veterans and the hardcore came to discuss what it truly meant to be a member of the Seventh Column. The precursor to #Community was where people contemplated our shared culture as Bungie fans and explored what should be done to promote and protect it. Sorry it got overrun by new players in search of allies. It's nice to see people using to make friends and play games, but there should be a separate place for that. Yesterday, we tried to build that place. How have those changes taken effect? Please sound off with your opinion. Or, just drop me a reply if you're a crusty old veteran who remembers my first day on the job, and let me know you're okay in the new age of Bungie.[/quote][/spoiler] [b]“Why do you guys think you can tell us where to post? Why does it even matter where I post?”:[/b] We have been asked by both moderators and Bungie employees to help clean up the forums and educate people on how to use them properly. [spoiler]Stosh (Bungie Employee): [quote]I've missed you seventh column! Also use #recruitment for looking for game/group/raid threads please. You can find it on the forums main page. Please downvote topics that are mis-tagged. I've been moving as many as I can.[/quote][/spoiler] [spoiler]Stosh (Bungie Employee) in regard to similar issues in #Gaming: [quote]Yea down voting recruitment threads in gaming will also help. It will take a while to clean up. Don't be mean and let people know where recruitment now lives.[/quote][/spoiler] [spoiler]Bungie CoC:[quote] Bungie reserves the right to control this website and everything on it. These guidelines require you to use your best judgment. Play nice. If you're not sure if the stuff you're about to share with the world is appropriate for, don’t post it. That'll help you stay clear of the Banhammer's blast radius.[/quote][/spoiler] [b]“Why am I being yelled at when trying to discuss Destiny?”:[/b] Looking to discuss Destiny? You’ll want to post in [url=]#Destiny[/url]. If you have suggestions concerning the game, try [url=]#Feedback[/url]. Have a problem with the game, site, or app? [url=]#Help[/url] is where you should look. As stated before, #Community is where you go to interact with other forum goers and share your creations. It matters where you post so that way 1) you are finding your target audience, and 2) the forums are organized. Bungie has created these different categories for a reason, and that is so users may find what they’re looking for easier and so that users who don’t want to see certain topic (i.e. LFG posts) don’t have to see them since they’re in their own category. [spoiler]Prometheus25 (Ninja/Moderator): [quote]There are numerous Destiny forums. Destiny threads belong there. My interpretation is the description reads like part of a conversation.[/quote][/spoiler] [spoiler]Shacker (Ninja/Moderator): [quote]The #Destiny forum is the Destiny forum. #Community is for getting involved with the Bungie community, discussing common interests, sharing stories, etc. It is not for LFG/recruitment/Raid efforts. The website and community were here long before Destiny the game.[/quote][/spoiler] [b]”But I see a lot of LFG/VoG posts here. Why are they here?”:[/b] Change takes time and education. Many new users are unaware of the proper usage of the forum and how this particular section functions. As stated before, Bungie and the moderators are having a hard time keeping up with the stream of LFG posts and can’t move every single topic, even announcement/posts by these people often fall on deaf ears and are buried. Thus, they asked members of the community to help inform others how the different sections work. [spoiler]Shacker (Ninja/Moderator. In regards to issues #Gaming has had in the past): [quote]Use the new LFG #recruitment forum put in place by the web team. In addition, purposely bumping stale LFG in #gaming is disruptive. To be clear, I consider disruptive behavior to be disrespectful, which is a bnet Code of Conduct violation. Process that how you will.[/quote][/spoiler] If you have posted an LFG/VoG thread, please kindly edit the tag from #Community to #Recruitment. If you do not see your post, it was probably already moved. [spoiler]Deej (Community Manager in response to someone saying they should be able to post where they liked): [quote]The moderators have been instructed by me to move threads that are in the wrong place. Like librarians, they shelve things so that they can be easily found by their intended audience. That is a service that they provide to you as volunteers. You are welcome to thank them. If you go out of your way to be hostile toward the harmony of the forum, we'll be happy to give you time to think about it. I'm moving this thread to OffTopic. It's not about Gaming. Please respect the environment you've been given.[/quote][/spoiler] [b]KEEP IT CLEAN:[/b] If you see anyone being disrespectful please report them. Do not escalate the confrontation by insulting them back or retaliating. Have fun and be polite. As Bungie says “You have no rights. Play nice!” (This goes for both sides of the conflict.) As InstaCode has nicely put it, which you can see [url=]below[/url]:[quote][b]A Message to All Users Re-Directing Threads:[/b] • Do not show hostility towards the people you are re-directing. Treat them politely and not like trash • If the person you are re-directing is showing hostility, report them, move on[/quote] [b]TL;DR:[/b] Please respect the community and the environment given to you and post in the appropriate area. The Community section is dedicated to the entire community. It is for sharing creations, showing off hobbies, and getting to know each other beyond the common interest of gaming. It is not for finding other players or for discussing Destiny, there are appropriate sections for those topics. [url=]Do not think you have any rights to post anywhere you want, and do not be rude to the people who politely point you in the right direction.[/url] Also, don’t escalate any confrontations on the forum; report people being rude and move on.

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