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Endless Thrall Survival Mode

Alright Destiny has numerous strengths and weaknesses, but the biggest problem resides in its RNG and what happens once you obtain the items you finally desired. DLC comes out every 3 months, but with 3 profiles one can easily reach the MAX level and if you have been playing often with Raids, Nightfalls, Weekly's you should have MOST or ALL the exotic/lengendary items worth getting. You may even have enough Radiant Shards/Energy for multiple level 32's. It's at this point though that you wonder to yourself.. What do I do next? When Crota's End first released my friends and I spent hours every night running through that first bit! It was an exciting time! I never knew there was a forums here or I would have posted something like this sooner. It reminded me so much of Zombies from Black Ops. That thrill you get when you are helpless to the creatures around you unable to run away and you must come up with a plan to stay alive. I'm sick of grinding for items I already have and just want to have fun... an endless thrall mode with highscores would give us all something to do when we are bored or tired of grinding. [b]GAMEPLAY IDEAS BELOW: [/b] [B]Thrall Difficulty[/b] - Firstly this should start out easy! For example imagine you could be level 33 doing the Crota's End first part. By a specific round the difficult should be increased to what would be you doing that same part at level 27. In other words +3 to -3 your level! Your levels will NOT matter anyone who needs a break from grinding can jump on it, but keep it mind your weapons will be crucial for reaching high rounds so chances are your new buddy who is level 18 will not be of huge usefulness in higher rounds. [B]Thrall Upgrades[/b] - The thrall will always be fast, but eventually Cursed Thralls will come out to play. These thralls will become faster and become a huge threat to your team if you cannot dispose of them quick as one explosion can end it for everyone! The normal thralls will eventually incorporate shields of all types requiring you to have elemental primaries found in the Vault of Glass raid meaning you will want players who have completed the raids for higher rounds! This also gives a huge purpose in doing the vault raid! [B]Modifiers[/b] - Over time various modifiers will occur. These could be mixers of Raid, Weekly, and even new modifiers! My thoughts are these could be penalties for not completing various tasks in a specific time frame. [B]Bosses[/b] - Every so often we need a boss round / wave to occur. These need to be the more dangerous foes we have met in all of our travels. I.e. Wizards, Ogres, Gatekeepers, Swordbearers, Minatours, and more. Even combinations of them will make higher waves interesting. They also need to become harder to kill and in larger numbers by higher rounds. [B]Ammo/Perks/Abilities[/b] - At the end of each round you will have 30 seconds to scavage chests for ammo. These will spawn randomly through out the map in large numbers so search all around. Most chests will be empty, but some will contain ammo to fully stock a specific slot if already full you will have a chance to get a Synthesis instead. On occasion you have a chance to receieve a perk or ability which will last for 1 3 or 5 rounds. These can be perks like faster speed, reload time, ammo capacity, and more. As well as abilities to block out modifiers like weight of darkness, presence of crota, etc.. Enemies will NOT drop ammo and you will NOT regenerate ammo when you are out. [B]Rewards[/b] - I'm not too sure how I'd like a rewards system to work yet, but I was thinking increasingly difficult Grogons can guard a randomly spawned chest. Your whole team must make it and the rewards will become better on higher rounds. You can only obtain the rewards once per week per round. This would be something like every 8 rounds is a chest and it caps out at 80. Post your thoughts on this!

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