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Angel (The Cast Part 5)

[i]"Multiple sightings. Confirmed damage---the Warlocks can trace the leftover light from her radiance. [b]Her [/b]radiance. They say there is no way to know that she is as she, but how can she not be? I have heard her voice, I have heard her sing. A song, a shout---whatever, it is so beautiful that nearly was my mind and soul put to rest. She came from the sky. She came from the sky. Listen to them, any of them, who know that she comes from the sky. The radiance of her wings will etch both fear and understanding too deep in your mind to reach."[/i] ********************************************************************************************************* [i]"Look, I dunno, man. She---she came out've nowhere. We were just, we were collecting Helium Filaments. Running errands for Holiday, you know she pays well. Owed her a solid for doing some repairs on my girl. We were out there, just doing what we always do. Looking out for Fallen patrols or, you know, when the Fallen start runnin' the other way because the Hive are comin' out again. Garo, our scout, starts screamin'. Nothin' really shakes Garo. Real cold Hunter type. Exo. You've seen him around. Garo starts loosin' his shit, and I'm like 'WHAT THE HELL?' and he's like 'WE GOTTA GO' so I pick up my gear and grab what I can and just start tryin'a haul ass to some clear ground to transmat my Sparrow. Was too late, though. I heard her before I felt her and felt her before I saw her and if you've [b]seen[/b] her it's kinda hard to see anything else. So -blam!-in' bright. But the Fallen are overtakin' us, and man they ain' even firin'. Just runnin'. And that... that ringin' noise she makes, it was getting louder, and then the ground's shakin' and I'm thinkin' holy shit I'm gonna die. So you know, I turn a little bit to see what was about to kill me. I see her thunderin' over the ridge. The thunder wasn't steps, though. It was punches. She's chasin' Fallen down, just... just punchin' them. Never seen anything like it. They just fly off, sparkin', fadin' from reality like she just didn't approve of them and the universe agreed with her. Making new craters just by swingin, and more new craters just by the things she was hittin' slammin' into the sides of the craters nature already made. Look, I wouldn't make this up. She was just... I've never seen somethin' that angry in my damn life. I was scared shitless. Has to be a Titan. I'm certain she's a Titan. But she killed Garo with one of those punches, and she wasn't exactly saying sorry. Didn't seem to matter to her what she hit. I ran. Yeah I did. I ran. You would've too."[/i] ******************************************************************************************************** [i]"Go out there, look for yourself. You can still smell the ozone. Ground's melted smooth. Melted. She didn't use a weapon---well, not a gun. I saw something on her back. I wanted to think that it was the stock of a sniper rifle, but something tells me it's the handle of a sword. Light help us if that's a sword."[/i] ******************************************************************************************************** [i]"She? Can't be human. No way. No human moves like that. And she came from the sky! Bang-crash! Right into the ground! Out of nowhere! I didn't see a ship! I didn't see a ship! No transmat, nothing! She just dropped out of the sky, right on top of this Walker, peeled the pilot out and just shocked him right out of existence! Then blew up the Walker! Why blow up the walker? Why do that? Had an intact Walker and just blew it up! She doesn't care! Crazy Exo-bitch just shocking people for shits and giggles! It's crazy! This is crazy! This whole world is crazy! I'm not crazy! She's crazy! She threw the Walker turret at us, just for watching! I could've died!"[/i] ******************************************************************************************************* [i]"A myth. People making things up just to get a rise. You know what? I think this whole 'war' is fake. There's no Vex. Never seen one. Just stories to keep us here under the Traveler. Keep us 'protected'. See, I see the truth. I know the truth, man. I've read some of the old tomes, got them decrypted on the low. Gotta look for the truth elsewhere man. Golden Age nations? They'd do the same thing. Make up wars. Make up enemies. The battle of the Twilight Gap? Made it up. Didn't happen. They just made a bunch of noise to make us think it was real. Hive? Never seen one, and I've been like, ten miles outside of the wall. Nothing. Vex are just made up to scare us. Cabal sound like something out of a bad vid. So these stories of some rogue Guardian coming out of the sky, crazy powerful, crushing shit? Nah man, don't believe the hype. Don't let the MAN control you. You know what man I'm talking about. The Speaker. He's in on it, man. I'm tellin' you."[/i] ************************************************************************************************ [i]"Myths. Legends. Long term exposure to the wild, fighting the forces of Darkness, is known to induce hysteria in some. The Speaker has released a statement disavowing himself from any mention of this 'Angel'.He has not spoken of her. The Traveler has not spoken to him about her. There are many great wonders left to be uncovered. This, I confidently say, is surely not among them. Misunderstood phenomenon. Hearsay. Surely, we would feel such a vast use of the Traveler's Light. Surely."[/i] ************************************************************************************************ [i]"She doesn't like killing humans, or Awoken. But she will. She hates Exos, though. She hates the machines. She hates machines."[/i] ************************************************************************************************ INCIDENT REPORT IV606-42 EARTH SECTOR KR82 [b]WARNING[/b] LARGE ARC EMISSION READING HIGH VELOCITY IMPACT DANGER CLOSE DANGER CLOSE DANGER CLOSE //ENDFILE Contained, null encrypt attachment. Play? Y/N //y [i]*A very brief, very loud, very bright video. Almost too chaotic and full of static to make sense of. Arcs of blue-white energy course around, debris being tossed around, dust everywhere. Something seems to be fighting something among the chaos. One against many. Where briefly a sillhouette is visible, it is slender. Shining, perhaps armored. Smooth, but not quite human proportions. Maybe plated. Small, perhaps female. Terrifyingly fast. A resounding, soaring shriek/wail fills the audio, steadily growing in intensity as the figure continues to demolish whatever was facing her, mostly obscured. It rises to a deafening crescendo, static overtakes the playback entirely, and then it cuts out to black.*[/i] [Another one "Cry Havoc" (Dogs of War) here: ]

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