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Planetary material farming & wave defence mission.

Great idea!


Not so good.


Not sure/Don't care.


Okay guys and gals, here's another one for you. I see a lot of complaining about material farming taking too much time, and a lot of suggestions for a wave defence mode. Let's put them both together: A new mission on each planet where a fireteam of up to 6 guardians assault an enemy material stash facility. This would likely be against Cabal on Mars and Fallen elsewhere. It would play out as a regular mission until inside the facility. Once inside, our ghost starts transferring materials to our ships (or wherever it is he stores them). This is when the fun begins, wave upon wave of increasingly difficult enemies come rushing in to stop us stealing their precious materials. There'd be a mini-boss (or a big boss, depending on the size of the facility) every 10th wave and the longer we survive, the more materials we get. The nightfall modifier would be active throughout, with additional modifiers being added after every boss wave. Now for the amount of materials awarded, say the highest wave is 50. You start off getting 1 per wave. Upon completion of a boss wave, it adds 1 awarded per wave. So wave 1-10 gives you 10, 11-20 another 20, 21-30 another 30, and so on. This would mean upon completing wave 50 you'd have earned 150 of the material. (Just an example.) This would likely be a weekly event. Each planet could be available once a week or they could be on a weekly rotation. There could also be a chest with ammo synth/ship schematics/rare engrams and a chance at legendary engrams or exotics upon completion of each boss wave. That's all the thought I've put into it so far. Feel free to post thoughts/suggestions below, and don't forget to like and bump if you like it!

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