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Wave Defense Mode?

Allow me a moment to share my vision. Imagine playing Twilight Gap with three friends trying to defend one of the artillery guns against the Fallen house of Kell. You just defeated a wave of stealth vandals, captains, and eyeballs; your heart is pounding because you now have twenty seconds to pick up any ammo and engrams before the final wave. Five seconds now, and you see a blue engram just a little further. Whatever it contains probably sucks, but you just have to get it. Times up. You frantically race back to the defend point only to come face to face with a group of captains. Your friends are laying down cover fire, but it's not getting the captains attention. They want to kill YOU. A flash of light as you use your super; that'll show em who's boss. It doesn't get all of them though. Your shield's gone. You sprint back to your friends and slide just as the Titan Defender throws his shield and the rest of the captains are defeated. Victory? Surely not, that wasn't very har... AHHH SNAP an Archon!! I'll let you fill in the rest. I like this game. The mechanics are terrific (besides sometimes stabbing with my knife instead of throwing it with my hunter gunslinger), the gameplay is a blast, and the strategy involved with higher level strikes and missions is truly enjoyable. I feel like I have gotten way more than my $60 worth (so far I've paid about $1 an hour. What other entertainment is so cheap?) One thing though that would push this game over the edge into "legend" would be a wave defense or horde mode. I have seen this mentioned a couple of times on the forum, but not in any real detail, and I'm not sure why. First, the most fun part of Destiny is shooting stuff, so a mode where all you do is shoot stuff to progress means lots of fun! Second I think it would be fairly easy for Bungie to implement. If I were them, and thank God I'm not, I would use the existing multiplayer maps. There really wouldn't need to be new maps for this, because there are tons of choke points and defendable areas on all the maps. Also, a wave defense mode is essentially in the game already in many of the stroy missions and I'm guessing it would not be too difficult to modify the code into a stand alone mode. This is great news for Bungie, since they seem to love recycling content that's already in the game. As far as the number of waves, I would like to see ten, twenty, and fifty wave modes. The ten wave would be a pick up game. The twenty wave for the "ehh, I'm not doing anything for the rest of the afternoon" people, and the fifty wave for the "I AM THE DESTINY MASTER" people. I think this would also help the story. The guardians are supposed to be fighting in a war against the darkness. Something I've wondered is why do the guardians not control strategic positions on the planets? I would at least expect some sort of forward operating base. A wave defense mode solves that problem because you could be defending these positions. Another thing, if the guardians have been going around killing the different alien gods and high ranking military command I would expect there to be major retaliation. My last comment on the story is that a wave defense would help the ranks of the guardians feel more robust. Right now it seems like the fate of the solar system is in the hands of lone wolfs and fire teams of three. One more thought on this is that if Bungie decided to do a wave defense mode, they should make it free. I don't feel I'm entitled to free content on Destiny, and if this was part of a DLC pack I would buy it, but releasing content such as this for free would garner support for this game and for Bungie and Activision. It would also keep people interested in the game longer and would probably lead to more DLC sales in the long run. Even if there was only a wave defense event it would help things out. Again, I like this game and I want it to succeed.

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