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10/10/2014 10:02:56 PM

My opinions on Xur

This is just me rambling about how I feel about Xur and how I justify disliking him. To all those who played Pokemon (cards, not video game #purist), this will hopefully make sense. Say I'm walking into Walmart to buy a pack of Pokemon cards. Back in my day, there were 7 in a pack. So I buy my little pack, say a prayer, and open it up. There it is. The holographic Charzard. I've bought hundreds of packs before, but this pack was the one. God has smiled on me, and God loves me. Then as I'm leaving the store, someone has set up a booth and is selling hundreds of holographic Charzards to anyone who walks by and wants one. I don't care about earning/buying them. Xur takes away the [b]JOY[/b] of finding them for me. When you see that purple engram on the ground, there is unlimited hope. It could be anything. Before the patch, itt used to could literally be anything. Level 16 Rare fusion rifle, Level 20 Legendary "Comedian" shotgun, or the Exotic "Icebreaker" sniper rifle. With the update, all your legendarys now stay legendary (have mixed feelings about that too). I understand a lot of people don't like the chance (roll) you take with the engrams, but I loved it. It was exciting. The roller coaster of emotion of watching that purple turn to a blue, then you decrypt a blue and it jumps to purple. But on the flip side, I don't have to principle to not buy something that he is selling if I want it. It's like finding $100 on the ground but not taking it because you want to work for your $100. You're goddamn right I'm taking that $100; it's free. That's essentially how I view the exotics Xur sells. No I'll address a few rebuttals that I see coming. "You also EARN strange coins" Yes, but it's not the same. Namely, you [b]know[/b] you're getting them. It's not like you're taking a risk. Do the weekly on 28, get 9 strange coins. If you're like most people playing this game, you have 2 more characters who will also do the weekly on 28, giving you 27 strange coins. That's enough to buy at least 1 item from Xur every time, not to mention the 10 or so you probably get a week decrypting engrams. So come Friday, you know for a fact that you are getting an exotic item. Which brings me to my next point... "Xur is RNG too!! Duh!!!" To go back to my initial analogy, it's not the fact that you get a Charzard, it's the fact that it's holographic. Yes, every weekend Xur brings a randomized exotic weapon, but it's guaranteed exotic. That's my problem. It's not the item, it's just that it's always an exotic. And if it's something I don't have, I can't bring myself not to buy it, cause it's just sitting there, waiting to be put in my vault. I spend most of my strange coins on heavy ammo synths, but if he is selling something I don't have, it quickly becomes mine, I just feel dirty after. "You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else." Shut up. My mom says I'm special, and I feel special when my legendary turns exotic. I don't care if everyone else has it. The rarity part doesn't concern me. Whether I'm the first to get it or the last, I like getting it through decrytption (and not the happy meal exotic engram; doesn't count). [b]TL;DR[/b] My legendary engram turns into a holographic Charzard, and it turns out some asshole shows up every Friday to sell holographic Charzards, and I hate him for it.

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