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Can we improve armour + Mod builds (just a tad)

[i][b]Note: If my suggestion and Feedback is already being addressed in future seasons then please let me know but this is mostly about Armour and Mods combinations. [u]Also if my wall of text bores you and you're only interested in the main Suggestion then I will highlight the main piece of Text in Bold. [/i][/b][/u] - Sometimes i wish to try out new builds (Warmind Cells, Sword, Charged with Light, etc) and as usual, ive been trying to think of which mods i can squeeze in, I've been thinking about the current state with Armour and mods and energy capacity. Even without the Seasonal Artifact mods, theres actually quite a few of them now, which becomes a little frustrating to think of which mod can fit in whicher slot without things turning into mind jenga. Like yeah its not exactly the most amazing aspect of the game but the thing is... They could be... Like, they could be super cool. I was thinking of a solution (I know Fundme. I mean, Bungie, aren't ones to listen or consider community suggestions but oh well here it is anyways) So, where to start? I was looking at how the Energy capacity could be a bit of an annoyance to fiddle about with constantly in order to fit a desirable mod in. Even then there are newer mods that probably are being overlooked due to Warmind Cell and Charged with light mods that already create better, more efficient synergy. [b]->So hows about once a piece of Armour has been Masterworked, you gain another Mod slot, with the Ability to slot any General Mod/Stat Boost mod or any Elemental Mod that is Relavent to the Armour Piece. [/b] -It seems like lately players are not interested in Levelling up and Masterworking gear, This imo would encourage players to Masterwork Gear even more so despite the +12 stat boost it already gives there will be a reason to unlock an extra Mod slot. [b]->With the use of 5 Masterworked Pieces of gear, that would give a player 5 Extra Mod Slots and the choice of either inserting a mod to further Enhance their stats, having the ability to enhance their current Builds and have more control over how they wish to play the game. ->Exotic Armour are granted not only the same Benefits but instead of the standard +12 to stat boost, they gain a +30 all round stat boost (+5 each stat). [/b] Conclusion: Thankyou for your time, i do apologize if its lengthy but again the main suggestion is highlighted in [b]Bold[/b] so you dont have to read my waffling or reasonings. [spoiler]Also, Traction should be a Toggle on/off option on Boots. [/spoiler]

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