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3/15/2021 3:16:41 AM

Armor 3.0

[b][u]Players should be able to allocate stat points.[/u][/b] RNG can be fun, but it's usually more annoying when dealing with stuff like this. Since stats appear in tens and ones but only have an effect for tens, finding good armor is pretty annoying. I end up delaying upgrades to the armor, as I never know when I might get a piece that I'll finally like and will work with my build. If players were allowed to allocate the stat points, we would know that once we have 60+ stat points, we can safely upgrade our armor and start modifying it. That would make the game far more enjoyable. [b][u]Mods should expire quickly and be dropped in engrams.[/u][/b] Since players will get less motivation to find new armor pieces, having mods that are destroyed, after a week of use, will be their new motivation. This will also encourage players to try new setups, as they're going to frequently need changing if players want the benefit of mods, anyhow. If the economy needs it, mod installation can require more resources, such as an enhancement core. [b][u]An item can reset the armor's points.[/u][/b] Players can find or earn an item that un-allocates the armor's stat points, allowing them to change its setup from time to time. This is important for when players find better armor or miscalculate the points. Alternatively, an NPC or a machine can reset the armor for a price. [b][u]Players have control, and the game stays fresher.[/u][/b] Players can decide their style and create the build they want to have, instead of drastically relying on RNG. They would be encouraged to try new setups, as it doesn't require a ton of grinding and RNG. [b][u]Most of the guesswork is gone.[/u][/b] Players will know which armor piece is better for them. That allows them to play the game instead of comparing stats and trying to see which armor combination adds up to a time reduction of their grenade's cooldown or such. [b][u]Bonus? Weapons can also work in this manner.[/u][/b] Players can spend time figuring out exactly how much impact they need to take out common enemies and not waste points, allowing them to have better-performing and more-entertaining weapons. They could have the mods that they find entertaining, and they would be encouraged to experiment. Aside from the current RNG also making weapons more annoying to find, the current stat screen for them is horrible. Ideally, a pistol shouldn't have a max-range bar that is different than that of a sniper rifle; there should be numerical values that can be compared across weapon types. At least, having the numerical values would make it less confusing, even though all weapons should share the same metric. [b]Weapon stats would have a numerical value shown to players, instead of relying on bars![/b] [b][u]Argument:[/u][/b] Calculating armor points is annoying. It's already annoying enough that RNG decides whether you find a strong piece of armor; we shouldn't 'need' to calculate whether it works with other strong armor pieces (that are already rare.) Plus, using different mods would keep the gameplay fresher. It could even be made so that Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks each get different types of mods for the week: for this week, Ws get melee & close-range-focused mods, while Hs get grenade & mid-range mods, and Ts get class & long-range mods; the next week, it shifts; there can always be mods focused on supers; the start of the week (like with the current XP bonus) can have a boost to mod drop rates. This aforementioned weekly system could cause players to change their characters around more often, rather than playing the same role constantly. If you don't like playing a long-range Titan, and you haven't found good super-based mods, you might just change to a Warlock or a Hunter for the week. If the mods only break after use, players can use mods that they picked up previously, and they wouldn't need to start the week with unmodified armor. Alternatively, the mods can decay while not being used, giving them an extended but not unlimited lifetime.

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