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1/21/2021 9:48:10 PM

Potential rework ideas for Stompees and why!!

No jump buff, extra jump + sprint/slide buff


No sprint/slide buff, extra jump + jump buff


Remove the part of the exotic that buffs every iteration of your jump maybe and make it like bones of eao 2.0 just with the increased sprint speed and slide distance. The inverse is also possible where you keep the enhanced jump while gaining another one as its utility which would allow you to give frostees the sprint speed and slide buff you removed from stompees. As a hunter main it grows ever so difficult to enjoy playing crucible over long amounts of time due to constantly facing what it feels like grasshoppers every match and that starts to make going match to match not as enjoyable cause you already know what you’re up against before you even load in. I genuinely believe the large population of hunters before and after the introduction of stasis is heavily related to how this exotic works and solely this exotic no different from other crutches people have changed whole characters just to abuse in the past. A great example of this was when wormhusk was first introduced then inevitably nerfed but nonetheless people flocked to the hunter because of how broken the exotic was and immediately after receiving its balance all these hunters started swiftly disappearing just like their crutch had vanished. All in all Stompees in the crucible are no different from OEM or Wormhusk in their strongest states no matter how you look at it yet it’s of the few vanilla exotics that haven’t received any sort of change since it’s introduction and as far as exotics go has the least exotic feeling effect and is more like you’re just supplying these hunters with CRACK! At times it doesn’t even feel like I’m losing to players but more really a pair of boots that make your jump better than every other jump in the game regardless of the jump you pick yourself. Now lion rampants has a similar perk which enhances your jump but unlike stompees it doesn’t receive any kind of movement buff seeing as how broken they’d be with one, it instead adds utility to your jump allowing you to hip fire while flying through the air. Stompees exotic perk description should literally be put these on if you want to be better than everybody else due to the ability of not only being faster than everyone not using a movement exotic but gaining an even more cracked version of the hunter jump which not only adds on to you’re already cracked movement speed but makes you increasingly more difficult to track unlike the other classes or hunter no stompees which is exactly where I have to draw the line. Stompees for the hunter is essentially what would happen if lion rampant and dune marchers were combined for the titan where you get an exotic that makes you question why you should even consider using anything else when alone just wearing those boots would give you such a blatant advantage over not only other classes but fellow Titans who aren’t using it no different from when OEM Titans dominated crucible. Mind you bones of eao was no different in Destiny 1 in terms of how frequently players used them but never did they make every other hunter exotic irrelevant when push came to shove. I know I’ll probably receive a lot of flack from those same “Hunter Mains” which I should refer to as “Stompees Mains” cause I can guarantee you that if stompees saw any kind of change that reduced their overall effectiveness I do believe we’d see a huge reduction in the hunters presence in current as well as future sand boxes as long as you don’t give em another crutch. This change really would be an extremely beneficial quality of life improvement for not only crucible but future hunter mains as well cause they wouldn’t be at a disadvantage for not becoming a silent shadow leaping grasshopper like every other hunter they unfortunately encounter in crucible be they friend or foe. My goal with this post isn’t to attack any of the players who adopt or abuse this play style; to each their own, I’m more really trying to raise awareness of a blatant change that seems to be hidden in plain sight cause it’s honestly baffling that stompees have gone virtually unchanged and seemingly unnoticed as a stand out exotic since it’s introduction and it’s time that got brought to an end. Do keep in mind I’m not pushing for the exotic to be made irrelevant but more so balanced than broken to where can i actually take pride in the fact that I won’t feel like a POS for using something that fellow players stand no chance against. I appreciate anybody and everybody who read this far and I hope I was able provide some food for thought. Feel free to express your thoughts below but please try to look at this with an open mind seeing as how balance is a touchy subject and do treat others with differing opinions kindly.

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