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1/21/2021 12:50:58 AM

Destiny is a hard game to love...

I have played destiny since my brother introduced it to me in October of 2014. I fell in love with the gun play, the lore, the unique feel of exotics, the chase that came with those random chance nf/raid/crucible drops. Every gun, including the whites had their own unique feel. The thought of being able to fully customize my subclass to my personal tastes. It had its down times, but even in those the game felt so smooth to play that I kept returning. D2y1, launch day. I had high hopes. Roughly 30-50 hours in, I felt numb. Like I was just playing to play, and for the first time I sit it down. CoO comes out, im again optimistic, only to leave after another 10 ish hours. Warmind kept me longer, and I again had high hopes for forsaken, and most of them were met. I felt good playing again, atleast for a time. Shadowkeep had me enthralled in the story, I absolutely adored the lore. Gameplay, on the other hand felt the same, it felt hollow. My xbox broke midway through the end of arrivals, yet I didn't miss destiny. Beyond light, my hopes were again high, and the first couple of days, I thought it had delivered. Yet as the days droned on I again felt numb. With sunsetting, I hoped we would get a solid injection of new stuff, yet we only got a handful of new things, and almost none of it is interesting. I will stand on the hill that efficiency kills the drive to play, hell I rarely run the most efficient load out possible just because it isn't fun. However, to do anything remotely "endgame", you have to run the most efficient load out possible. Henceforth, perks that increase your dps, and by proxy, your efficiency, will win out 99% of the time compared to weapons that serve a more indirect purpose. In trying to become an MMO, destiny has picked up the issue of the "stat stick", when none of its weapons are just there to increase a number. This games entire identity is built around unique and memorable guns (red death, gjallarhorn, mythoclast, touch of malice...), yet destiny isn't making guns that are memorable anymore. Only the guns that are "the best" are considered, there seems to be no more "i feel like running a scout rifle just because i want to" in high end activities, it is simply "I have to use the best gear at all times". While this isn't inherently a bad issue, it becomes one when the developer begins building a game for this ideology, which is what bungie is doing. This ideology is what made sunsetting come to fruition. When a game designs a gun to be the best, it will be the best. No guns need to be the best all around, but all guns need to be good all around. This is what is killing this game. Bungie is focused so hard on maybe gamechanging guns/perks, that those that don't stand up in current activities are trashed, making almost nothing besides them relevant. TL;DR: destiny has became a game where players are focused too hard on efficiency, when efficiency is only part of the game. Sunsetting is a symptom of over efficiency because bungie designed stuff for the moment, not for the longevity of the game. This player focus on efficiency, while not bad, has become a problem because bungie is catering to it instead of trying to make the game generally fun to play.

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