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1/7/2021 9:37:23 PM

Sunsetting and State of the Game.

Bungo has sunsetted weapons taking most of the grind for loot in this game. They've sunsetted The gear earned on the "Moon, Dreaming City, Old gambit, Old crucible, Old Vanguard, and 2/3 existing Dungeons." Taken away most quests or weapons that served some purpose and nothing broken. Edit:The latest one that still upsets me is ColdFront, but alot of people share the same pain so I won't get into that. This Wild Hunt season along with beyond light isn't enough to save Destiny 2 when it comes to 'PVE' as many players know Destiny 2 is a 'PVE' game. -Vanguard Nightfalls used to have a better reason to exist. Chance to award you a new exotic you haven't earned before. I'm sure at this point 70% of playerbase excluding New lights have almost every exotic including world drops up to date before Beyond Light. Every time a hard nightfall strike was completed. You'd have a crown of flames to prove you'd have it done for that week. Now you just don't. Pinnacles aren't enough to draw you in to do the strikes considering there's only 11 strikes that everyone has played through before on all locations up to date with this DLC and if you become pinnacle capped. Half of the strikes or more have been removed. Edit: correction 11 strikes after DLC release. 9 strikes before DLC -Raid The Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic is not a 5% drop rate. So many players get it on their first try and alot of people just won't get it. Even with the double challenge #4. It's either you get it on your 1st, 2nd or 3rd or you just don't get it at all. Raid armor feels stagnant. You don't feel rewarded when you do the Raid anymore. The difference between D1 and D2 was the impact that raid gear or exotics would give you. You had as many chances to earn gear back in D1 as much as you could. In D2 you have to wait each week for another 3 chances at Eyes of Tommorow Or earn pinnacles for regular armor in this Raid. You do the Raid a few times and this Raid will feel boring to you. -Dawning Event Game turns into Cooking Mama with Guns in trying to get the very best role on certain weapons that drops from the event. Community quest gave the bad rewards despite the whole community working towards it. Useful but is it worth it and the time? No. The ColdFront topic is not going to be mentioned. There's nothing to do in Main aspect of the game for you at that point, so you play crucible or gambit. -Crucible Extremely Unbalanced. Stasis as a whole. When back in Destiny 1. They gave us the 3rd subclasses for when Taken King came out. We learned and adapted to Tethers, Stormcallers, and Sunbreakers. However with Stasis. There's no adapting to it. How can you adapt to being frozen and eliminated? Tether back then would just shut down a super and that was it. Stasis can shut down a super and eliminate. How is that fair? You need Stasis against stasis which makes crucible less fun considering all the exotics that exist in the game built for other classes to change playstyle. Edit:Iron Banner Iron Banner doesn't bring anything new to the Table and Stasis doesn't make it interesting. The only new weapon worth grinding for are the 2 hand cannons. Crimil's Dagger and Steady Hand. Rarely the Scout Rifle. Iron banner made us all do a quest to get an emblem and not a pinnacle weapon that felt special. As for the Armor. Most of it is old recycled armor. Edit: Trials Bungie wants Trials to be at it's best before release, but everyone knows right now with Stasis. It's at it's worst. There's no point in going in Trials unless you have stasis or Fel-winter's Lie, and that's a shotgun you can't earn anymore despite it being an Iron Banner weapon huh? -Gambit Gambito is okay, but it can get bland at times the more you play it. The only purpose that Gambit has right now is bounties, Exotic Quest for a very unused hand cannon, and the Dredgen Title. Nothing has it going. I'm nowhere near a hardcore player. Nor am I 'A' Casual player. Hardcore player or casual or not. The game had it's content removal and there's just not enough to do even for a casual player. While we feel ignored as a community by Bungie. Is this the time where Bungie start Sunsetting the playerbase? I'm a Destiny 1 and 2 player that has seen the progress of this game franchise so far. We've come a long way as a community for this game. I hope we can continue to strive harder and survive since we indeed survived 2020 and Covid-19. We're still surviving.

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