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Destiny 2 issue part 1

Hi, there Average reason I'll be making many paragraphs about how to fix Destiny 2 as you may know. Destiny 2 currently is alive only because of the core activity's it looks like the devs are slowly working on to further improve the core activity's if that isn't the case then I suggest to listen to people at the community some have good ideas to enhance/improve the game where it lacks at it. Streamers aren't the voice of the community no longer. People are getting frustrated it will lead up to different groups of chaos Instead we can be as one. Part 1 is all about to improve PVP Part 2 is all about to improve Strikes Part 3 is all about to improve Gambit Lastly. Bonus Part all about events consumables and other. We begin with Part 1 Current State of PVP Advantage super PVP has been hectic & unplayable this current time due to high advantage of Stasis the problem is damage - freeze mechanic - ability recharge rate. New light players won't even stand a chance to compete against people who uses Stasis it also has to do with older subclasses that remained fragile. These ones won't be improved nor updated for a long while which sounds problematic to me and perhaps others aswell. There will be a question raised - then why is the subclass there with no use. - new super from beginning nerf it into the ground to becomes useless. And more. Ideas to improve PVP below: - better matchmaking comparison - old rank mechanic D1, different packages in order to choose want weapons or armor you want. - pvp play test before releasing - incentive to play - a separate sandbox that does not effect PVE. If there is any issue it might be resolved as quick due to the separate sandbox. - wider new loot (weapons, perks, armor ect.) - enchance tracking for people who cheat hack or exploit the game perhaps even a paid carry. - new maps with 3 reprise maps returning back Frontier Memento asylum perhaps. - improve pvp to 3 sections Casual - Competitve and Cruicible test. From there on you can look which modes it would fit Example Casual - rift - mayhem - control clash - Team Scorched - combined arms - freelance Example Competitve - elimination - salvage - rumble -survival - showdown Freelance Example Cruicible test - capture the ghost/flag- lock out load outs.- other - more ranks added to become valor or legend on each rank up you gain rewards further on legend - valor. Example Guardian I Guardian II Guardian III Rewards destination materials G1 Rewards 1x enhancement core destination materials G2 Rewards high stat role armor chance rare 2x enhancement cores G3 Same goes for on Competitve. - Old reward end screen pvp. further improves people their excitement they talk to each other example Woow you got an exotic lucky you! Moment - bring weapon ornaments ships ghosts emotes on a potentional rare/ high rare reward after finishing a match. In that way there is reason to keep playing - Improve shaxx vendor perhaps even make an new pvp event that involves around shaxx his fireteam or PVP crew redjacks that's only available during week not weekends aka trials takes place. Therefor people keep playing. I do know that this can't be done directly I Acknowledge but we need to see where bungie is heading to improve PVP in the future. Some Ideas are possible or impossible. This is all the ideas so far to improve Destiny 2 issues on PVP scale of view. Any ideas are welcomed and added to this post thank you for reading this post!

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