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The future of supers in destiny 2

Ok so supers, right now with that recent polygon article...yeh players are worried. Here are some proposals for what bungie could do with not just the light supers but future dark supers. Super alts: The inspiration for the following concept is something that already exists in the game, titan defenders ward of dawn. It has two styles of play, either whip out the Cpt. America shield or pop the ward of dawn d1 style on the go. Nice and easy, just needs effective abilities to go with it. Presuming the light supers use the new subclass system from BL with aspects and fragments, unique abilities from each super tree can be allocated that way. The main issue is the super ability itself, where does it go? My solution is that it would bind to the super buttons (I.e. L1+R1 on ps4/5) but you would either press or hold or double tap to trigger a different super. Take voidwalker for instance, lets say if i press it i go into roaming nova warp and if i hold the super buttons i use nova bomb. No prior customisation in the menu needed, its an intrinsic trait that the player can activate whenever i feel like it. Imagine this with other subclasses, would it work the same way? Take subbreaker and burning maul. Both are roaming supers. One could be more dps oriented (traditional hammers) and middle tree maul is the ad clearer. There are some supers that lack a distinct middle tree such as arcstrider. So for that, turn the alt into a javelin type super, kind of like the valkyrie from warmind (hint hint wink wink) which would give the subclass some range. Idc about a copy and paste job i think arc hunter could use a ranged alternative just so it has an alt. This in summary would give just much needed versatility to just trigger on the go and really give the player the true guardian power fantasy they desire. Some supers could use a facelift, take well of radiance. Rework it so it isnt just another ward of dawn. Instead of buffing damage maybe it heals but also reloads guardians weapons from reserves, kind of like a certain d1 exotic sniper, spitballing here so idk. Also bungie, do take the new super system as an opportunity to tap back into d1 super abilities like self revive for sunsinger, scatter for nova bomb. Now i get it, balancing, it wouldn’t be fair to expect all of this in one update so consider this last point as something you can do later down the line. Now this does present a problem. Light supers have enough material to craft this system. Stasis doesn’t yet, its more limited with its super abilities so here are some potential alt supers bungie could create for stasis to match them with the same level of play as light supers. Shadebinder: create a consistent, pulsating, larger than normal duskfield that frequently freezes enemies but doesnt shatter, allies do the killing for you (you can strafe while using it but you are stuck in a stance as you keep creating the duskfied). Acts as more of a support super than an ad clearer. Also for pvp utility, allow shadebinder to cancel super like stormtrance to get a couple of juicy stasis kills but then must recharge super after. Revenant: In true hunter fashion, a roaming super. Throw stronger than normal stasis shurikens and then shatter enemies with a bladedancer style swipe which has ranged attacks. Thats that. Behemoth: Honestly i dont know what to do with behemoth. Its already roaming so maybe a one time super. Maybe a slam but it sends a huge vertical wall of ice towards a targets and shattering does a considerable amount of damage, possibly follow up the initial stasis burst with a code of the missle style lunge. Its utility for pve could be for taking out champions and for pvp just locking down a zone where a bunch of hardscoping snipers are vibing idk. Now of course this is something that would also be implemented with all future darkness supers to level out the playing field but overtime is defo something bungie should do post lightfall. Anyway thats pretty much it. Lemme know what you think, like to hear some other thoughts. Happy dawning!

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