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Season of the Core Activity's

Yeah you have seen this right. Yes I've placed separate topics if you're interested in surent core activity's ideas and other. Introduction thoughts & reasons Before entering a comment hopefully you know what the issue/dry content is it affects anyone literally. So I've created an idea that might solve our problems with daily basis content and other. And honestly I truly believe that I am not the only one who thinks or created their great ideas. This post has no meaning to point out negative thoughts on any devs or player. A Season that is based to focus around the core activity's that we play on a daily basis is very important it keeps destiny 2 current alive. Think about Strikes Crucible Gambit and other. (Events dungeons ect. 1. Bungie and The Community It would be good in both hands (Benefit basically) 2. Everyone will be pleased talking from Gambit Veterans to pvp gods to Strike specific farmers to casual and hardcore players for the logical reason to spend on season pass/battlepass content 3. Content to fuel atleast 4/5 months Although this is an idea I don't think it won't happen maybe to some parts. Hopefully this arrives to everyone to see the picture of it. Season introduction Let's talk about how season of core activity's work The story will involve with banshee-44 organizing an event called Armsday maybe his best market plans as he thinks of it. Zavala Lord-shaxx Drifter and others are having different thoughts on it but they will eventually be selling their new stuff to the guardians aswell A market competition yess While there are doing it for a while things started to go out of hand unnoticed in all planets perhaps reckless yess [spoiler]ok this could be done better I know anyway you see what I mean lmao[/spoiler] Overall effect to anything: - Refresh every vendor new gear/weapons Zavala, Lord-shaxx and Drifter other - tower decorated in different zones shaxx crucible icon. Zavala vanguard icon ect. - new mechanics/modes/systems - Xur selling every weekend new weapon ornaments and armor new secret locations alongside high stat role piece for 30 min in first day he arrives makes people to chase him down lmao - reinmagined season/battle pass quite different than past season/battle passes. - quest exotics and other (Strikes) To Refresh mix nostalgia in a unique way - vendor refresh weapons/gear - add 5 new strikes - add alongside strike specific weapons/gear re-rol able -addept strike specific weapons into grandmaster nightfall or new reward mechanic -perhaps an ranking system added aswell to show at the tower. (Crucible) entertaining refreshing - 5 new pvp maps - separate ways to enter PVP Casual. Competive. test Laboratory - new ways to favour Valor and Competive with rewards materials ect. When they rank up each time. - Rift, Combined arms, and new mode called Lock Out which will be weapons required in order to do the mode itself. (Gambit) I am alive!?! - Vendor refresh weapons/gear - add 3 new gambit maps map include the Nine realm europa with weather effects of course. Tangled shore forgotten prison area. -add new mechanic rank up system A reason to interest players to chase and play the mode. -end reward old taken gear from D1 and emote wink" wink" ;) Gambit veterans Dungeons/menagerie - Potential idea Small story decide options reason to create dungeon or menagerie. About 1/3 story The clovis bray facility is huge in Europa. You have been sended out for a quest from banshee-44 and Clovis Bray Meaning that there is still good amount of secrets and lost golden age weapons You have to survive the cold darkness area. stasis will acces you through alot of things what have been left of Eramis fallen scumbags and vex having a war underneath the ice caps Clovis Bray will assist you But does he really? You'll get the option 1 to let the Clovis AI bots kill the fallen who want to be working with us 2. To kill or shutdown Clovis AI bots and to report the good scumbags to Variks Dungeon or menagerie option? About 2/3 story The EDZ needs our help! Guardians get a call from devrim kay. Where he mentioned that there are civilians been imprisoned them selfs to be safe before the remaining fallen kills them but they're trying to break it. Location: hidden dark forest area It will be the first rescue evacuation/kill mission with civilians npcs that will follow your commands as you have killed fallen in your paths of the dark forest. You're job guardians is to resuce the civilians and kill the remaining fallen Eventually to transport them to your ship Dungeon or menagerie option? About 3/3 story Ikora rey still suffered the lost of Asher Mir aka previous Io vendor. She wants to take actions upon the vex. Quest called: Revenge at what cost. She sends you on a mission on Nessus to find more answers from there you'll be teporting consistently back and forward to Europa nexus area & nessus to find out more about the vex corruption itself Location: Europa Nexus area & Nessus Alot of jumping puzzles to find more clues and understanding of being corrupted by the vex. [spoiler]yes ikora is being useful[/spoiler] Dungeon or menagerie option? (Events) nostalgia & refresh I'm back! - add SRL back - add Faction Wars in future - Rework & Refresh Iron banner Pls no control. More Viarity - DCV events crimson days Revelry Guardian Games -DCV pvp showdown -DCV anything that is irrelevant to full up D2 space Thanks for reading this post! Any given idea or thoughts are open Hopefully bungie reconizes atleast any of the ideas even if it's one.

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