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10/22/2020 12:45:22 AM

Prime Raiders [PS4] Recruiting 18+ PVE/PVP Serious Raiding Family Oriented Clan! Join now if you're serious about clans

[b]Prime Raiders [PS4] Transmission Received: Subject Report [i]Recruitment[/b][/i] Necessary Requirements : 1050 + Power[/b] Physical & Mental age + 18 and over Greetings Guardians to those who received this transmission regarding recruitment. This Transmission is for those who strive to be the best of us and as such our clan has opened our doors to those who wish to join or ranks. We seek those from the age of the speaker and those who have only just been risen. I believe it is only proper that I introduce myself. I am Payback the Leader of PRIME RAIDERS and one of the guardians to have risen before the siege on the Vault of Glass. I built this clan so that those who join me would strive to create a clan that is hands-on with everything regardless of difficulty. We are those who stand on the front lines whether it is on Strike Missions, Vanguard Quests or Raids. We are a clan that represents Strength, Loyalty, Teamwork, Initiative, Pride and Family. In Prime Raiders our members are not seen as a name or a number on a roster. We see each other as Family and we enjoy our family members. We strive to make the atmosphere in the clan full of laughter and familiarity; we seek like-minded individuals who seek to help contribute to keeping it that way... We don't want members to feel like they are joining a clan just to join it, we don’t want you to feel alone and forgotten, we want you to be remembered, to be recognized and to be a part of a family. We keep one consistence across all operations whether it comes to Strikes, Crucible or Raids, we will complete the mission and get the job done. We are a clan that focuses on doing EVERYTHING LEGITIMATELY. WHY? It is for the sole reason that once you rely on exploits of any kind that will be all you know and when the time comes that the exploits are patched you will become lost and unguided. I’m not trying to deal with people who go in a raid and cry over an exploit is gone. It wasn’t intended so it will not be done. I’ll wipe you in mess-ups in raids until you learn the mechanics and learn to survive through them. We DO NOT want to experience the game through cheating or exploits, We will experience every piece of content to it's full potential, we prefer to wipe and start again countless times rather than exploit the system. We will help our members understand each role in all current Raids to ensure completion is a guarantee at all times. We also encourage those who join us to take the initiative to learn all roles so you can complete any Raid without hesitation, fear or worry. In here You will not be stuck knowing one role but also on you to a team player and trying to have all the knowledge in the raid you can have. Prime Raiders is once again opening its doors to those who wish join our ranks as we close down at a soft cap so that those of you who join may also have time to get to know other members in the clan and organize for the next mission, as of this moment, the soft cap is 40 members and power level required 1050. Once we have reached our marker we will close down recruitment as we prepare for the next Raid and ensure that all who passed get to know each other. Once the admins and I feel that those who have joined us have taken the time to know each other better we will reopen again to those that have proven themselves. We are looking for members who take the initiative to get to know everyone in the clan as well as look for the following attributes. [i]Teachable Patient Understanding Humble Tough Adaptable [/i] We understand that there are those who play other games as I do myself but let's keep in mind to help each other out. If I’m on I try to help when I can or if you want to set dates for something feel free too in discord. We wish that those who join us be able to handle criticism as well as have tough skin. We are here to have fun and better each other so don’t be sensitive. Constructive criticism helps the clan by helping you understand areas you are lacking so they can be fixed. If everyone is on the same page it will be all smooth sailing as we are a unit. We talk a lot of trash in good faith as well as a way to motivate our members to be themselves regardless of Gender, Orientation or Race. Emphasizes on a lot. I mean what else to do but talk smack and run through content with ease? Its fun and no harm is done here and we do respect each others limit. We also wish for all in our ranks to enjoy the clan in all ways possible but there are some policies that are Non Negotiable : [i]Communication in Raids and Exotic Missions (The use of your Microphone is required more than hearing you breath which is weird but talk habibi)[/i] Communication with other members, so that no problems within fireteams may arise We encourage those to have Fun, have a sense of Humor, and know what you are getting into when you join a clan as [b]YOU[/b] choose how you wish to experience a clan. Once again the following requirements MUST be met [i]Current physical age +18 Communication (Must have a microphone and use it. Speak words and call outs.) Power 1050+ Raiding Experience [/i] Do understand that there is a test for induction into the clan. Why test guardians? It is necessary because during the test we will understand what we are working with. [i]-What sort of play style you have. -What techniques you are familiar with. -We watch if communication with a team is adequate or may need work. -We also wish to see what sort of person you are. [/i] To those of you that believe a test is elitist. We stand by the statement that the test we conduct allows us to see who wishes to join the clan. We will always honor and put our members first, never will we put outsiders (Randoms) in any sort of priority regardless of situation or place. We use a private discord to communicate with each other and members create fireteam chats through PSN so that others may join at all times. After accepting this Transmission you may contact us and in a short time frame we will invite you to a private channel where we will speak personally not through any digital messages or transmissions. We enjoy speaking to everyone rather than rely on texting as we seek to form bonds and hear any concerns. We want everyone to be comfortable in the clan no matter who you may be. So it goes without saying that if you are bashful this is not the clan for you. We speak with everyone because we believe that communication is key We do not wish to create a clan, which no one communicates. One Final Thing: Once again YOU choose how you want to experience a clan. I see that if you wish to get the most out of this clan you must take that INITIATIVE. When you join this clan, you must take the initiative to get to know everyone because you're not going to join this clan for a closed circle of guardians but all who have united under our banner. I leave the decision to you whether you wish to contact one of us. Once everything is settled we will schedule a test. If you are testing good luck guardians, traveler be with you. Now as clan leader, I look out for all guardians and I make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves as well as improving on their skills and knowledge. I strive to lead others with wisdom and treat all under me equally. Now while stating that I will not always be there and I expect others to lead in my stead so that I will not be relied upon for everything . I am one guardian and there is so much I can do. This is an extra announcement/promise We will also start Guiding others (Sherping/Teaching Raids ). This is NOT a carrying clan/ catering clan. Don't expect to join and be carried through Raids, Exotic Missions, Seasonal Quests then one day disappear. This is a family clan we help each other. If that is something that doesn't interest you then this isn't the clan for you. We don't tolerate BS like "I thought this was a family clan", family clan doesn't mean being carried, it means the atmosphere we wish to have in the clan. You should be able to support your own weight. No exceptions. Thank you for Listening and as always Guardians Traveler be with you! [b]CURRENT TRYOUT FOR CLAN: [i] Last Wish (legit, that means eyes included. Will teach our strats through whole raid and eyes)[/i][/b] What are you looking for in a clan? How would this clan suit you? Let us know! If you are interested please contact Just_Payback, Gilded--Hero or Gray_fox_427 [b]RECRUITMENT IS OPEN RECRUITMENT IS OPEN RECRUITMENT IS OPEN[/b]

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