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10/23/2020 3:44:19 AM

Destiny Pentober Day 22

Day 22: Hive Ash Parth went to the Moon as he wanted to take not only a view of Earth from the Moon which looks beautiful, but also because he was meeting someone here. At first, he'd visited Eris Morn who was surprised that Parth showed up. "Parth!?" Eris Morn shouts in surprise. "I didn't expect you to return in some time." "Well, it's been a while, yes," Parth agreed. "At the least you sure are looking more better without the voices in your head, right?" "Time passes by and the voices lessen. But it is not enough as the Darkness is around us. Tell me, what brings you here, Parth?" Ash Parth explained to Eris Morn that he was here to meet with someone from a signal. The one who sent it never spoke his name but to him, he was thinking it was a trap as him and the Hive never get along the most aside the Fallen in which he is always one of the most fearsome enemies of the Solar System. But he is always prepared as Dusk picked up the signal again, saying that the sender is on the way to meet Parth. After saying his farewell with Eris Morn, Parth made his way to the landing zone to see a ship fly in and it turns out that it was was Warlock that he didn't recognize. It was a male Warlock wearing Great Hunt gear from the Dreaming City. "You must be Ash Parth, correct?" the Warlock said. "My name is Eiji Hojo. Thanks for coming along." This was a Warlock Parth never recognized and he can tell that was a human because it's Japanese for him. "So lemme ask you this, what's the purpose of your request here on the Moon?" Eiji debriefed to Parth that the Warlock was here to search for something deep within the World's Grave. Even mentioned to Parth that Eiji has been here on the Moon plenty of times and he might need an extra hand to help. The Vanguard refused but then thought having someone not involving with the Vanguard would help him out. That's when he heard rumors of Ash Parth who would take on any job and Eiji promised to pay the other half after giving Parth the first half so far. Parth can understand Warlocks like Eiji being seekers of knowledge even in dangerous grounds even within enemy territory. Ergo, the Hive below the Catacombs and the World's Grave. Agreeing on the terms, Parth and Eiji went below the Hellmouth and searched all the Catacombs while shooting through the Hive until they managed to make it to the World's Grave. Eiji went ahead to search for the records that he was looking for with his Ghost, Suzaku. In the meantime, Parth and Dusk were keeping a lookout in case more Hive showed up. As time passes by for Eiji and Suzaku were collecting data, a large swarm of Thrall showed themselves up and made their way to them. But Parth stood his ground and readies his weapons and started off with a Tripmine to kill some of the Thrall off. Then he cleaned up with a Loaded Question and the explosion of the perk kicked in the finish them off. Suddenly, more Thrall showed themselves from the ground and rushed in. Parth pulled out a Hammerhead to mow them all down until he noticed that Acolytes showed up and they were snipers. So Parth took out a Cold Denial out and shoot off the snipers. He got hit a few times but he hid in cover. But Eiji actually threw a Healing Grenade which he tells Parth that he never lets his comrades die in his watch when he tells him that he is also a doctor back on Earth. It actually impressed Parth that the Warlock was given a chance for a reason. Thinking he learned some of this from plenty of Warlocks back on Earth. Back in the fight, Parth managed to stop some of the oncoming Knights until an Ogre shows up along with a couple of Wizards to stop Parth and Eiji. However, Eiji showed up and dropped a Well of Radiance over Parth while telling him that the data was collected and they both fired off at the remaining Hive and Parth Blade Barraged the Ogre which did the trick. Afterwards, Parth and Eiji made their way back to the surface while some more Hive tried to stop them except to them, with the Lumina that Eiji was using, it was cakewalk go against them. When they were finished, Parth took a deep breath while deciding to look at Earth again. Even Eiji joined while commenting that this was one of the best times he does when he finishes up a mission here on the Moon when being called upon. Admitting that he had been here since the days of Crota. Understanding that it was rough even for him being a doctor. That he enjoyed helping the last remaining colonies of humanity when being called upon. Even threw in a bag of Glimmer to Parth as promised on helping out. With that done, Parth respected this Warlock and tells Eiji that if he's needed, he would call. Eiji agreed and he left Parth with Suzaku calling his ship as he needed to check up his appointments. Just to see that this was one of the Warlocks Parth can respect. Even to know that he would be like other Warlocks in pursuit of knowledge. Hell, Ash Parth thought of himself being a Warlock instead, but that never bothered much either way as long as he does what he can do. (Hey, this is Eiji Hojo as to tell those who read this, thank you for reading this and remember, wear a mask and wash your hands as you are not only keeping yourself save but also others safe from these dark times.)

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