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10/20/2020 5:22:51 PM

Destiny Pentober Day 19

Day 19: Ramen Eating Contest Ash Parth was on his walk within the Last City one day along with Dusk who just got off of another string of Bounties and even doing a couple of Strikes which one Guardian was shocked to see Parth in his Fireteam. Out of nowhere, Dusk stopped and looked over a poster. It concerned Parth and sees what his Ghost stopped and looked for. Turns out that it was a Ramen Eating Contest. The prize for it was as listed. First place wins about ten thousand Glimmer, a Ghost Shell, a Sparrow and a Ship which has the local Ramen Shop logo all in one. Second place wins five thousand Glimmer and just a Ghost Shell. Then the third prize winner only gets Glimmer. It was tempting for Parth for the Glimmer but the others he wasn't too interested in. Dusk sounded upset and tells him, "Come on, Parth, don't you think you'd be interested in this? Glimmer is on the line," he tempted him, knowing his Guardian is greedy sometimes only when it comes to modifications requiring Glimmer and other materials. Parth kept himself quiet as he was looking over the poster and found out that it even gives a discount for every visit with the Ghost Shell. About 25% off per visit for the whole year which that was more tempting. For having least two meals a day, it was a catch when scratching his chin. So Parth decided to shrug saying, "Sure. What the hell? It's silly for me but can't say no to 25% off per visit," says as he stares towards Dusk. Even thinking what he would look like with that Ghost Shell on including what Shader looks great with it. That even made Dusk nervous when being stared like that. So Parth made his way in and got himself entered for the Ramen Eating Contest and sees that he wasn't the only one entering. He sees various Guardians along with some other humans and even some Eliksni who are just entering for fun. Some of them noticed that Parth was here and ranged from giving him a cold stare to wonder. The judges were here and announced what was at stake and tells the prizes to whoever would finish first, second and third. Even tells whoever are the runner ups on fourth, fifth and sixth still get discount coupons for the first six months. Even adding that second place gets their 10% for the first six months even if they don't get first while third gets a coupon for 10% for the first six months. They even tell all the contestants, "May the best man, Guardian and Fallen win. On your marks. Get set." The judge fires a starting pistol for the contestants to feast on the ramen. Ranging from the regular ramen to the spicy to the lesser known made by the owners of the local ramen shop and even sharing some special Ichiraku Ramen special which was one of the toughest as five out of the fifty had given up early on. The competition was as fierce as Parth can expect when he sees some serious faces. Reminds him of the Crucible but this does remind him of SRL which it'd just a chill, harmless race to see who eats the most ramen and stuffing them all in their faces. Some of them actually overdid it and just passed out which marks another five tapping out. But the least when Parth doesn't eat much, he is one of the few Guardians who has the opportunity. Even seeing that a couple of Eliksni were going for it and were a bit more ahead while a skinny male was catching up on the ramen when the bowels were piling up. Following by an Awoken woman flowing through grace with every noodle in her mouth. And then an Exo was patient enough that it looked like he was vacuuming up the noodles and the other contents in each bowel including the Ichiraku Ramen special. Parth was just catching up and now fifteen minutes passed on and ten more contestants tapped out. Some even fainted like their stomachs had just exploded. Another ten minutes passed by and ten more tapped/passed out and there were only twenty-five remaining. Parth missed that some people who weren't entering were cheering some of the contestants on to win this. He was starting to feel the food rushing to him but even knowing some of the Guardians he recognized were still here. Even that Awoken female from the other day when visiting the Dreaming City and the twin Eliksni from the Tangled Shore being local friendly Fallen on Spider's turf. This was intense and Parth's competitive side was starting to fire up and takes it nice a slow so he doesn't fall like some of the cocky ones who would stuff their faces too much. Ten more minutes passed by and more fell to their stomach aches and even someone was rushed off like he was having a heart attack. There were on ten contestants here now. Even Parth knew that it would be the same people/Fallen can tell are still going at it. The judge had been commenting along with the owner of the local ramen shop on seeing this being intense and crazy to see that Guardians and Eliksni are having a time of their life especially as the events the past couple of years had gone by for everyone in and out of the Last City. Before Parth knew it, the Eliksni brothers he recognized tapped out and tells his brother to go on without him and the brother continues on, telling him that he will win it for the fallen. The Awoken female actually tapped out with the same grace as she ate her ramen knowing that she was at her limits. The human male was still going when his wife and two kids were cheering on him nonstop as Parth can tell. The Exo continues on but seems that his pace was slow so his joints don't get caught. And now there were five of them. Parth, the other Eliksni who is continuing on for his brother, the Exo, the skinny human and another Guardian who was keeping himself/herself hidden from the contestants while this was going on. And it's been nearing an hour at this point and so far the Exo was the first to admit defeat. This was a slow run but there was no letting up for the remainder of the day when the sun has set. Two minutes the skinny male had just stopped, looking like he was about to puke but didn't want to risk getting a massive stomachache that can affect his colon. And suddenly, the other Eliksni admit defeat, saying that he was sorry for giving up on his brother but he had admit himself that he was at his limit. But his brother who met up with him didn't care as he tried and their pride was more then enough for getting that far. It was now just Parth and the other Guardian. This was the first time Parth was getting serious until all of a sudden, one wrong move was made and Parth swallowed a Naruto whole and nearly choked as it was what costed him the match and the hidden Guardian was the one who won first place. Which surprised him that it was a female human Guardian who cheered being claimed the winner. When the judge stopped the timer, he announced the winners. The first place goes to the female human Guardian called Natalia. Second place goes to Parth. Third goes to the Eliksni brother who finished after the fall of his brother which Parth knew who they are, Nox and Rox. Fourth goes to the skinny male who met up with his family, trying to encourage him that he did his best. Fifth goes to the Exo named Tyr-9. And finally the sixth place goes to the Awoken he knew was Marcix Mar, who even congratulated Parth when she passed by him. All the contestants shook hands congratulating each other for a fair and fun competition. "Well at least we still got second, didn't we?" Dusk reminded to see the bright side of things. Parth was more okay with the Glimmer the least, as he walked up to the skinny man again who was meeting up with his wife and kids and offered him the Ghost Shell which gives them more then the 10% discount coupons he at least won. Telling them that he doesn't mind at all, even admitting that Parth was being generous. In return, the man thanked him along with both the kids hugging him which Parth only pat them on the heads saying, no problem at all and enjoy the greater times with the ramen shop. As even Parth was ready to not see much of it himself in the future. Saying his farewells to the family. "You sure you wanted to do that, Parth?" Dusk asked in curiosity. "My Little Light, Dusk, there is always next year for this," Parth reminded. "Plus I felt that what I gave was more of an ending I'll take." With that, Parth and Dusk left the area after saying his congrats to the others including the folk he recognized during the competition. Even towards Natalia who he looks forward to going against if she comes around next year for the ramen competition.

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