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War of Lies: Chapter 3, Part 6

[url=]Link to Chapter 3, Part 5[/url] [spoiler]All chapters of the War of Lies will be linked to the [url=]Table of Contents[/url] as they are posted every Monday[/spoiler] “Flattery will get you nowhere, we’re all pawns here. Not elites. Not leaders. Not Syndicate, not Mob. Just pawns,” I said airily as if it were nonsense and joking, but was actually fully serious. “Look,” the sergeant sighed, just a flicker of annoyance showing, “I’ve been doing this a long time. You joker types may last awhile, but you always break. I know you’re a mercenary, but I don’t know what kind you are. Most would rather give out information in return for release rather than face physical harm or imprisonment.” Dropping my jester’s grin and leaning forward intently, “Good, we’re past all the courtesies. Allow me to enlighten you.” The sergeant raised an intrigued eyebrow, then gestured with his hand for me to speak. “I’m going to tell you right now that none of us know what it is that Seren cares about so much in that bunker. We were just unlucky enough to have been trailing your crew,” I explained. “That can’t be all yo-“ my interrogator began. “It is,” I reassured, “Seren is a woman of many secrets, and I care much more about my own neck than someone else’s secrets. I just do what gets me paid.” “Fine,” he sighed, “But you can’t deny that you’re close enough to the higher reaches of the Reef Mob to know plenty of valuable information. You’re too smart to do anything but give us what we want at this point so we can let you go sooner.” “You don’t seem to understand,” I narrowed my eyes, “I’m too smart to be told what to do by you. I’m the one who’s laying down the rules here.” “Excuse me?” the old man took a harsher tone. “I can tell you’ve had years of experience with this kind of thing, and I appreciate that your age has given you the wisdom and patience to deal with harder cases, but I’m not like anyone else you’ve locked up in here,” I began my explanation. “You’re all the-“ he tried stating. “The same?” I interrupted, “No we’re not, and you already know that. I could’ve escaped already, and I’m not just saying that to mess with you. My partners are more skilled, and the only reason they haven’t escaped is because they’re professional enough to wait and see how things play out.” “Escape i-“ the sergeant’s face was reddening just a tiny bit. “Is impossible?” I finished his sentence again, “You know exactly who Drip and I are, and I can tell you that the other guy is an even better escape artist than the two of us. So, do you know why I haven’t made a move yet?” The old man sat back in his chair, face returning to its normal shade but still showing a good deal of anger. With a move of the hand he once again motioned for me to speak. “I admit escape would be a little risky, but the real reason I’m staying is money,” I elaborated, “You see, Seren would do much worse than kill me if she found out I squealed Mob secrets to the Syndicate. I know that you haven’t reported in our capture yet because you’ve been too busy processing us and recuperating after our raid and the Cabal’s. If you report that, the Mob will eventually find it and Seren might assume I compromised the Mob to escape. Obviously that won’t be good for me. “I also know that Seren is bound to send a specialized team of hard cases like my partners to secure the bunker and move its contents. The Cabal are sure to capitalize on the skirmish earlier. You don’t even have any of your mining equipment anymore, plus quite a few men down.” “Why are you warning me?” he questioned, suspicion showing. “A sign of goodwill,” I smirked, “So you can get away without anymore trouble, and in doing so gain my team as an asset.” “You’d sell out Seren and work against her?” The sergeant inquired, “Why?” “Because my only stake is money,” I repeated what he said earlier, “This is a fight between the Syndicate and Seren. Seren may have all the hired guns that Glimmer can buy, but that’s all we are: hired guns. No loyalty, just greed and fear. And I happen to know lots of Mob secrets and items of significance.” “And I’m supposed to trust you?” he glared, “After all you did today?” “You can trust my confidentiality between employers,” I had to try pretty hard not to laugh delightedly at this truth, “I just saved your skin with some information and have plenty more to give, and I just offered my services. Let me go, fill my pockets, and I guarantee you the Mob will crumble. My only condition is that I don’t tell you any of my other employers’ secrets without the right pay. You see, I need them for money, too. And don’t worry, nobody will be able to pay me for your secrets if they don’t know I’m close enough to get your secrets.” “…I need to discuss this with my superiors,” the no-longer-interrogator declared after a moment of thought. “While you do that, get this hunk of junk flying and let me talk with my associates so they don’t cause you any trouble,” I bossed around, “I guarantee you they’ll want in on this deal, too.” “All of you will turn on Seren? Just like that?” The sergeant asked as he rose from his chair, still untrusting of me. “Haven’t you heard?” I chuckled, reclining in my seat and putting my bound hands behind my head casually, “This is the War of Lies.” [spoiler]Drixaas (aka Drip) is an original character of mine that also makes an appearance in the short story [url=]Two Arms[/url] [/spoiler] [url=]Link to Chapter 4, Part 1[/url]

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