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Let's talk about classes...

So I'm a Hunter, my brother is a Warlock and my cousin is a Titan. We play rumble in private matches all the time. As an agile hunter I've noticed that Warlocks can evade twice in the air and have a 5s cooldown while hunters (the agile ones that are "supposed" to have good movement abilities) have only 1 shade step and I can't even shoot right after I get out of my shade step... Yes I know there's an exotic for double shade step but why would I waste an exotic slot if Warlocks have it built into their supper. And what's happening with throwing knife.. literally all the melee abilities for everyone else doesn't do damage to them except for the top tree throwing knife. And all the supers last a while, you can shoot as much swords and hammers as you want but when it comes to Golden gun, I can't even make it half way across the map after I pop it before it goes away and yea sure, make it so that it's harder to kill everyone else when they pop their supers but not for hunters, how kind of you. [Edit:] [Lastly, shade step invisibility for hunters lasts like 2s and we're still able to show on enemy radars. Why be invisible if I'm still tracked.] <quote>[For sure lasts longer than 2s. Also, you’re invisible to the eye, not to a radar, that’s why you’re still getting picked up on radar. The guardians body is still there in physical form, just cloaked] </quote> Let's talk about titans now.. Why make a shield if I can still throw my grenade through it.. it absolutely does nothing against Cerberus and it take a long time to get it back. Plus if you're gonna give Warlocks movement abilities when their class doesn't match with it, you might as well give a movement ability to titans. Now for the Warlocks.. Warlocks have the most abilities so there's not much to say but the rift.. The rift is a joke, you either give them a trash super with decent abilities (like arc souls) or an amazing super with trash abilities, can you just even them out more. The other rifts are garbage, it take a million years to pop and by the time it's done, they're already dead. Nurf evade momentum just a bit and buff rift pop time. And if you're gonna make a floating sky rat at least make them more accurate in the sky. I know this may not be perfect and a little biased but I play hunters because movement is better, I play Titans because I'm a tank and can put cover anywhere, and I don't really play Warlock but my bro plays Warlock cuz he just goes in the air and destroys people. I'm disappointed that other classes have better abilities than the class that's ment to have that playstyle.

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