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♤ Lightborne - 6 - Kairos Crash

"Approaching Nessus," Penny chirps. "However.. we don't seem to be able to slow down.. Got any tricks for this one, Kai?" Kairos jumps from his chair. Yeah actually, I do." He runs to the hatch on the roof of the ship, grabs the release wheel and waits. The ship barrels toward the planet and begins to gain speed as the planetoids gravity begins to grab hold of the incoming ship. [i]"This is your plan!?"[/i] Penny cocks her shell open in disbelief. She flies over to Kairos and gets ready for what's to come. Breaking atmosphere, the heat begins to blister the unshielded exterior, pulling away pieces of metal. The entire right engine breaks off, sending the ship off course. Kairos jolts, almost losing his grip. "Here we go!!" He yells as he reals on the handle and pops the top off. The wind blasts his face as they plummet. "Now!" He jumps out of the ship and summons his sparrow mid-air. He slams on the gas and jets off away from the falling ship. The ship decimates the ground beneath it in a massive fiery explosion. It rocks the ground enough to be felt miles away. Kairos continues falling on his sparrow, and about 10 feet from the ground, he dismantles and jumps away from it. He tumbles and turns through the cold dirt as his sparrow slams into a Vexified wall and explodes. Kairos stands wearily, "Well..." He looks around at the destruction. "That was fücking [i]awesome![/i]" Meanwhile.... Icarus and Indigo are neck and neck rounding the bend around the Pools of Luminance when suddenly... [b][i]KABOOM!![/i][/b] The explosion shakes the ground intensely. Icarus' broomstick tip hits the ground, sending him flying off into the dirt. Indigo laughs before a boulder falls from the rocky cliffside above her. Icarus barely stands, reaches forward and pulls a void arrow through the air. The bow manifests as he pulls back and fires a shadow shot straight through the rock. The boulder shatters, sending bits and pieces all over, including a few ricocheting off Indigo's sparrow, causing her to lose control and fall off, sending the sparrow off the edge into the chasm below. Icarus stands and rushes over to her aid. "You alright, Indie?" He lends a hand to help her up. "No thanks to you," she says sarcastically and grabs his hand, lifting herself up. Slowly brushing herself off, she asks, "What the hell was that anyways?" Icarus shrugs, "I was right next to you when it happened, how would I know?" She punches his arm and chuckles. "But it definitely came from up ahead. Probably in the Glade of Echoes. I guess we're on foot from here." He picks up his snapped and splintered broomstick and chucks it off the edge with Indigos.

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