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♤ Lightborne - 2 - Shipwright

The Hanger is as busy as ever, which is to say there's almost [i]nothing[/i] going on here. Icarus casually strolls through and heads towards Amanda Holliday. "So, this kid needs a ship. Got anything that would fit his..." he turns to Kairos and judges him while Kairos is clearly distracted with Colonel, Caydes pet chicken. Icarus turns back to Amanda with a grimace, "eccentric needs?" Amanda gives a chuckle before standing up from her work. "Of course I've got a ship! What size are we looking at? You haulin' anything big? You'd wanna city freighter for that. But of course if yer just tryna get somewhere quick you could get the-" she could go on for hours about the different kinds of ships she has for sale, but Icarus quickly cuts her off. "Hey, look, I just need something that'll keep up with me. He can come back and get something nice later." Icarus rolls his eyes and throws a weak gesture to the general direction of a strange red ship. Small wings, large body, and a cargo rail hanging off the back with the forward engine attached all the way on the end of the rail. Amanda looks a little puzzled. "What, are you tryna get him killed along the way?" She laughs again, but it's clearly forced. Kairos comes strolling over with Colonel in hand. "Look at that!" He starts running toward a luxury style Breytech ship. Newly refurbished and a fresh wax. "How much for this one?" He points at it with the chicken, and Colonel clucks approvingly. Amanda smiles and says with confidence, "More than you could afford, bucko." She seems quite entertained. Icarus also seems to be moved by this. "That's a Breytech ship. You'd be lucky to even [i]find[/i] one of these anymore, much less one in such a fine condition. Kairos flips up his hand and his Ghost appears. "Penny," he says cheerfully. A delicate female voice responds, "Yes, Kai?" "Glimmer balance?" He asks. A few flickers of the ghosts eye before responding, "You have 21,374,651 Glimmer." The entire Hanger goes silent for a few seconds. Icarus looks impressed. Amanda drops her wrench which echoes throughout the entire room. Kairos drops his smile, "Ooo.. is that going to be enough?" Amanda and Icarus both exchange glances before Amanda responds, "Uh, yeah, yeah, it's, uhh.. 1 mil, Kai." She awkwardly walks toward him for the exchange. "She's all yours, fuel is full, engines are clean, you're all set!" She almost seems sad to watch the ship leave. She didn't think anyone would buy it. Or even [i]could![/i] Kairos excitedly runs over to the ship and disappears into transmat dust as he hops inside. Icarus turns to Amanda, who still looks on in amazement, "Well, I suppose we're off then. Thanks for the help." He flips her a golden coin with a green ball in the middle. He heads toward his own ship, a heavily modified Arcadian C-class Jumpship. Amanda picks up her wrench and goes back to her station, "Yeah, good luck out there you two. Keep this one safe! Hate to see all that glimmer go missin' now." She eyes up Icarus accusingly. Icarus gives one last grin before transmatting on board, "Uh, huh." He winks as his body turns to particles and the ship starts up. Icarus flies out of the hanger toward the Traveler and Kairos flies closely behind. Well, more accurately, Penny, Kairos' Ghost flies the ship while Kairos is distracted by the on-board bar and memory-foam cot. Kairos opens the comms to Icarus before they reach orbit, "I've got a really good feeling about this!"

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