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10/28/2019 11:51:46 AM

A Titan Rises: The Beginning.

10 minutes. 10 minutes until the wave collided with the hypermatter reactor. 10 minutes until the world would end. Giant stood on the metal corpse of the once-tall AT-AT, his hands clasped behind his back as he watched the wave come closer, and closer, and- “Giant, you alright?” The exo shook his head. “I warned her not to do this. That Witch is going to be the death of us all.” Suddenly, a hand struck him across the face, the force of the blow strong enough to dislocate his metal jaw. “Ungh!” Giant grunted, “What was that for?” “I thought you said you didn’t feel pain.” Titan teased. “I lied. I just have an extremely high pain tolerance.” Giant replied, putting his jaw back into socket. “Look,” Titan began, “Whether we wanted it or not, that wave is going to hit the hypermatter reactor. Nothing we can do about it. That doesn’t mean we should sit around and wait to die.” “You have another idea?” “I do. Foosball, air hockey, and table tennis tournament in the AT-TE. Winner take all.” “Are you serious?” “You game or not?” “Heck yeah I am. You’re going DOWN.” ———————————————— [spoiler][url=]Fallen Kingdom[/url] is playing on speakers[/spoiler] 9 minutes had passed. Giant had just beaten Titan 3-0 in the Foosball tournament, while just before Titan beat him in table tennis. “This one’s for all the marbles, chaps!” Watson announced as he served the ball. It bounced back and forth, each man trying to send it out of the other’s reach. “I’m glad we did this.” Giant said to Titan as he scored. “I’d much rather face death laughing than in sorrow.” “You won’t be laughing when I beat your sorry hide.” Titan replied. It was close. Titan had just reached match point, and Giant was having difficulty matching all of his moves. The ball kept bouncing back and forth between them, over and over again until... A console in the cockpit beeped. Giant turned to look at it while the ball flew past his arm into the floor. “DrTitan is the winner!” Watson proclaimed, Titan pumping his fist. [spoiler]5:50 in [url=]The Battle of Crait[/url][/spoiler] Giant gazed out the viewport and took a closer look at the cause of the alert. The wave had just reached the mouth of the Pass of Sacred Toast, and was crashing down towards them. “It’s started,” he told both of them. The Republic Troopers were all facing the wave. Some held on for dear life to the nearest thing they could reach, some knelt and uttered prayers, while some were....T-posing? The GAR accepted a variety of characters into its ranks. “Gentlemen,” Giant said, facing them both, “it’s been an honor serving with you.” Titan and Watson saluted, then Titan took Giant’s hand and gripped it firmly in a handshake. “It’s been a pleasure fighting by your side.” DrTitan said with pride. Giant nodded in affirmation, then turned to face the wave, his hands gripping his axe which was planted in the ground. As the wave was about to hit, they each closed their eyes and accepted their fate. The wave crashed into the camp. It swept the soldiers away, overturned the artillery cannons and shook the walker, its magnetic clamps keeping it upright. It tumbled down the mountainside pass and into the valley below, sweeping over the SPHA Turrets and knocking some of them over. It got closer and closer to the shield generator. Time seemed to slow its pace. If anyone was watching this horror unfold their breath would be paused too. It hit the generator with such a force that would’ve obliterated a structure of less resilience. The water blasted into each crack and fissure in its infrastructure, getting into the hypermatter reactor chamber. When the core was breached, water filled the chamber, extinguishing the core and sending its temperature to dangerously low levels. Then..... The facility imploded, it’s entire structure collapsing into itself into a single point, almost like a black hole, then, when it seemed that it would dissipate, it exploded, sending out a blinding flash and a blast of energy that swept through the valley and into the stars. ———————————————— [spoiler][url=]Lords Lost[/url] If you don’t like Density music then sucks to be you, because Density music slaps.[/spoiler] “Uuunnnngh.....” Giant groaned as he came to. “My...Head....” He got up and noticed that the AT-TE was now on its side. The table had overturned and slammed DrTitan into the wall, which would have been fatal to any other human with less resilience. Watson lay crumpled on the floor, unconscious but still very much alive. Seeing that they were (mostly) alright, Giant opened the hatch of the AT-TE to head outside, but closed it instantly when water rushed inside. “What the....” he muttered, looking out the front viewport. Everywhere, as far as the eye could see, was submerged in water. There was no water surface that could be seen, and the depths were pitch black. Fish swam around the walker, while ruins of destroyed buildings littered the newly-created seabed with several corpses that could be seen near them. “Titan! Watson! Come here!” Titan slowly came to, realized he was up against the wall, viciously shoved the table into the opposite one and sprang to his feet while Watson did the same. “Son of a-“ Titan began. “Watch it,” Giant warned. “What In blazes happened?” He said to Watson. Watson looked at one of the walker’s monitors. “It appears that the burst of energy caused by the hypermatter core exploding reacted with the liquid from the wave, replicating it and flooding Offtopic.” he chuckled. “Oh, The irony.” “We’re lucky that you decided to hold your tournament here, Titan,” Giant observed. “We may not survived otherwise.” “Oh, uh, yeah, that was the plan.” Titan replied. “There’s more,” Watson added, grimly. Giant looked at the monitor. “It’s going to reach the Maw.” He gasped. “What?” Titan said. “The Maw is a large black hole near the center of our galaxy.” Watson explained, “If the energy wave reaches the Maw, it will replicate its properties causing all of space to be to be a deadly void that will disintegrate anything not in the atmosphere of a planet.” “The Offtopicus.” Giant exclaimed. “I must warn Skybro.” [spoiler][url=]The Wilds[/url][/spoiler] Giant walked into the command center of the AT-TE and activated a hologram recording device. “This is Captain G-7567.” He began, “I regret to report that both the GAR and the Republic have fallen, with Nil’s wave covering the land in its place. This message is a warning and a reminder for any surviving Offtopicans. Do not leave the planet, that time has passed, and our future is uncertain. We will each be challenged... our trust...our faith...our friendships...but we must persevere. And in time, hope will emerge.” Giant hesitated for a moment, then continued. “May the Force be with you, always.” [spoiler]This is what I meant for the wave. A Offtopic-wide “event” of sorts that everyone must face together. I have lovingly dubbed it the Nilpocalyspe. This will be a separate series to [u]A Titan Rises,[/u] but will run alongside it and will be continued after I tell Giant’s story. In the meantime, I have sent my message. I only hope you receive it in time. (Other RP’s such as Endangered Tiger’s Murder Mystery do not have to be interrupted by this. Instead, it could be said they occur at a different time period)[/spoiler]

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