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10/16/2019 2:44:15 PM

A Titan Rises; Prologue: The Beginning?

[spoiler]As always, I appreciate any and all constructive criticism in my work, as I do in #Lore. Please let me know what you think and if you have any writer’s tips for me, don’t hesitate to tell them to me (and therefore those that are reading, more people who know how to write effectively is always a good thing)[/spoiler] [spoiler]I always like for some music to be playing in my head when I read something, so I will be giving music that follows along with each chapter’s action. [url=]This Song[/url] fits nicely.[/spoiler] “They’re back!” G-7567 stared at the column of armored vehicles advancing through the pass of Sacred Toast (The man who named the mountain pass was highly addicted to cocaine): 3 AT-TE’s, a coating of dark grey paint covering the exterior of the massive walkers, 4 AT-ST’s, extensively modified from their previous iteration, several speeders, zipping around the convoy to protect it from small infantry attacks, and the massive AT-AT looming from behind them, its height providing the perfect view for the walker’s pilot to gun down its opposition. Painted on its hull was a symbol that identified its master: Emperor Liam. “I told you that victory was too easy,” he said to Titan, “we never should’ve sent the ship back for supplies.” Titan shrugged defensively. “It wasn’t my idea to send the ship back!” Giant rolled his eyes under his helmet. “Alright men,” he called to the troopers. “Second wave incoming!” “Lee,” Titan motioned to the lawman standing nearby, “you and your men follow me.” “Lead the way.” Lee acknowledged. “Watson,” Giant said as he turned to face the warrior. “You’re with me. Get the men into defensive positions. Protect the artillery at all costs.” “On it sir.” The man replied. The forces of Emperor Liam’s Empire could not come at a worse time. President Ringleader’s term was up, and Offtopic was now choosing a new leader. The pass was a gateway into the valley where Offtopic’s planetary shield was located, thus becoming a critical location to hold were Liam to launch any orbital invasion into Offtopic’s capital city. The pass consisted of a large canyons between two snow capped mountain ranges, at an altitude so high as to render the use of the GAR’s Juggernauts nigh impossible. Giant’s forces had resorted to using one modified AT-TE, and several AV-7 Anti-Vehicle cannons. There were also a few Self Propelled Heavy Artillery cannons down in the valley, in case the enemy tried to destroy the passes defenses with a turbolaser barrage. As the battle started, The AV-7’s started firing off several volleys to soften up the ground troops and damage the walkers. They could destroy one of the walkers if they got a direct hit, and with enough sustained fire they could even take down the AT-AT. But it would take time, and the convoy was approaching [i]fast[/i]. Stormtroopers were beginning to assault the makeshift barricades created to defend the artillery and walkers the GAR fielded, but the Republic Soldiers held the high ground, and the stormtroopers could not get through without walker support. The Imperial Walkers were soon within range, however, and opened fire on the barricade, killing several Republic Troopers. “Titan should’ve attacked by now!” Watson said to Giant over the din of battle. “Don’t worry!” he replied, “he knows the plan!” Titan, in fact, was at that moment at the top of one of the peaks that was separated by the pass. A contingent of Republic Soldiers and some of Sheriff Lee’s Deputies was with him, carrying personal jetpacks on their backs. “What’s the plan of attack, Doc?” Lee asked. The man only grinned and said, “Follow me.” As he leaped into the canyon below. “We’re gonna bloody die!” One of the deputies shouted as they followed. The Soldiers laughed as they fell. This was not new. “There he is.” Giant said, smiling, as he saw the men jump. Titan flew, or rather, fell with style, down, down, the mountain into the canyon below. He was like a streak of lightning, searching for his target, whereas the rest of his soldiers were like unto a unrelenting hailstorm falling upon the convoy. Right before impact, the small figure that was DrTitan drew his large Warhammer and smashed the hull of the AT-AT leading the convoy from the back. The troops following him landed softly on the back fo the walker, in contrast to their leader’s earth-shattering touchdown. “What’s going on back there?” one of the AT-AT drivers shouted to the aft part of the walker when they felt the walker suddenly crash from the sound of a hull breach. “Keep her moving. I’ll go check it out.” The other driver said, exiting his seat and drawing a blaster. A minute passed, and all the first driver heard was the sound of a struggle, then silence. He turned around and screamed in horror as the hammer belonging to Dr Titan was thrown straight at his head, killing him upon impact. “All clear up here,” Titan called to his men, “let’s take this thing out for a ride.” The Republic Troopers under Giant’s command cheered as the AT-AT opened fire on the other walkers in the convoy. “Now!” Giant shouted, drawing his huge BattleAxe, “Now is the time to strike! FOR THE REPUBLIIIIIIC!” The troopers answered in shouts of victory and glory, and charged the enemy as the AT-TE’s and other Walkers’ attention was directed to the hijacked walker. The Imperial Troopers were only distracted for a brief moment, and when the GAR made its charge the troops in front immediately turned back to face them, but were soon cut down by an unrelenting wave of Republic Troopers. Giant could see Watson impaling an Imperial Trooper with his sword, as he himself cleaved another in two with his axe. “That’s thirteen! The Exo takes the lead!” He taunted. Watson only smiled as he took his sword out of the dead imperial’s corpse. “I’m currently on fourteen, myself. Do try to keep up man.” He cooly replied.. Giant crowned for a second, then resumed smiling as he ran up to an AT-ST, it’s large head swiveling as if it were confused by the sudden mass of hostiles in its sights. He leaped right in front of the cockpit and tore his axe right into its hull, its blade sinking into durasteel plating. He then swung right over it, tearing the axe all the way through the back, and landing on the ground as it exploded behind him. “Sixteen!” Giant proclaimed, triumphantly, then dropped his jaw in amazement as he viewed the three dissected corpses of Imperial Troopers fall down like a row of dominoes, revealing Watson behind them. “Seventeen.” He grinned. The AT-AT had destroyed a couple of its own walkers, courtesy of DrTitan and crew, but the other AT-TE’s were heavily damaging it with their dorsal-mounted cannons. “She’s gonna blow!” Titan shouted. “We gotta make a jump for it!” The troopers and Lee opened the side hatch to jump, but Titan stayed behind a second before joining them. “Just one final touch.” he told them. They all jump off as the AT-AT’s cannons shut down, and the whole walker started moving towards the Tactical Enforcers at high speed, much to the Imperial’s dismay. “Aaaaaand timber!” Titan laughed as the walker crashed into the large vehicles. [spoiler]0:00-1:07 of this track:[/spoiler] In no time the Imperial Troopers were in full retreat. The brunt of their armored divisions lay in smoking ruins, and hundreds of fallen corpses littered the battlefront. In the middle of all of it, Giant and Watson stood next to the smoldering remains of the AT-AT. “My total was 53.” Giant said. “Yours?” John Watson stabbed a twitching corpse. “54.” “That doesn’t count.” “Maybe. Maybe not.” DrTitan walked up to the two, Sheriff Lee and his deputies in tow. “69.” “What?” Giant asked. “My total.” Titan reiterated. “69. What do I win?” Giant regained his composure, smiled and replied, “my everlasting respect.” “Oh.” Titan said, somewhat disappointed. “Nice.” said Lee. “And Congratulations, everyone on a job well done. Imma head back now. Lemme know if those sons come back.” “Will do.” Giant replied. “Thank you for you help.” “I was in the area.” Lee slapped him on the back. “It was the least I could do.” Giant chuckled. “Safe travels.” (Continued in the replies)

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