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10/16/2019 2:44:23 PM
[spoiler] 1:28 of the last theme[/spoiler] “So, when do we head back home?” Titan asked Giant later. “We still need to clean up the wreckage,” he replied, “we also need to wait until reinforcements arrive so Liam doesn’t try and attack us again.” “Guess there goes any plans for the day. Or week.” “Yeah,” Giant laughed. “Good thing I didn’t have any.” “Don’t you ever plan to do something?” Titan ventured. “Settle down, start a family, make a life for yourself?” “I told you before,” Giant replied, “that’s not me. I’m a warrior, not some civilian. This is my life!” He gestured to the battlefield around them. “And frankly, I love it. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” “The thrill of battle certainly has its charm,” Titan said. “I’ll agree on that.” Suddenly one of the Republic Troopers ran up to Giant. “Sir! You need to come see this!” [spoiler][/spoiler] On the other side of the canyon, where Emperor Liam’s forces came through, a couple of troopers were staring off into the distance, their helmets off and hands above their eyes, trying to get a good look at something. They whispered and murmured as to what it could be. “What is it?” Giant said, grabbing the macrobinoculars from his belt. A huge, looming wave could be seen on the horizon, covering the entire field of view. “ no no no it can’t be....” Giant muttered. “What is it?” Asked Titan. “An impossibility. That’s what. An impossible discrepancy. I must be going crazy” Giant laughed it off, but became grave again when he looked through the binoculars again. “But it’s there......Nil. You fool.” “What is it?!” Titans asked, impatiently. Giant turned to face the troops. “Send a message to all Republic Forces, as soon as you can. Tell them to make their amends with each other, and to pray whatever diety they believe in that this is some sort of diabolical trick of the enemy. If it isn’t, then every man may do as he sees fit to prepare.” The men dispersed to fulfill the orders given, while Titan grabbed Giant by the shoulder. “...What is it?” He said, softly. Giant sighed. “The Apocalypse.” “Again?!” “No, no, that’s not it. For several days now I’ve been receiving visions of a massive tidal wave sweeping over Offtopic. I thought It was just all the spicy ramen I ate last Saturday, but it’s here.” “So it’s a big Tidal wave.” Titan shrugged. “Big deal. Nothing we can’t handle.” “This is different. You know the Shield generator we’ve been protecting this whole time?” “Yes?” “It uses Hypermatter for fuel.” “HYPERMATTER?! Are you crazy?! Who designed that thing?!” “The same idiot that named this place ‘The Pass of Sacred Toast’.” “So, when the tidal wave reaches the generator...” “Then everything...” Giant said, hesitant, or perhaps struggling to get the words out. “...everything will be destroyed.” Titan looked out at the wave. “-blam!-.”

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