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9/26/2019 12:29:15 AM

Tales of a Mars Sentry // Fireteam Taurus (Part 2)

Masterpost: Altair gasped in pain as the taken minotaur’s clenched hand split his clavicle in half. The shivering beast quickly uncloaked as a side effect of its attack, revealing its sickly black form. Procyon, who had already been aiming, fired his hand cannon at the taken’s head, reducing it to a puddle of dark energy while Auva struggled to ready her auto rifle. Procyon moved over to Altair, helping the hunter stand up. His ghost quickly worked on healing his shoulder as the guardians heard the hollow roaring of taken rifts around them. “Great. Who invited these slimy losers up here?” Auva attacked the varying ranks of taken appearing on the citadel. Darkness began to cloud the area like a thick fog. The taken began to blend into the clouds, their only distinguishing features being their glowing white eyes. As they began to amass into several tens, Auva turned to her new companion. “Got a plan, Procyon?” In response, the warlock nodded, turned around, and began running back the way they came. “I see no reason not to trust him!” Altair ran as well, prompting an annoyed Auva to comply. “I thought Oryx died, like, a week ago!” She mowed down the taken thrall approaching their flanks, sending them warping and screaming before their glowing orange claws could get anywhere near her. “He did.” Procyon answered, elbowing a thrall aside. Altair leaped down the lift, and the warlocks followed. They did not notice the massive shadow passing over their escape route as they descended. The trio tumbled onto the ground level, gasping for breath. “Agh. What the hell was that?” Auva wiped dust off of the front of her helmet, sputtering uselessly. “That, my friend, was a fight we could not win. Good call, warlock.” Altair slapped Procyon on the back. “Y’all are scaredy cats. Someone has to wipe those taken out, and fast…” she trailed off, looking behind the other two guardians. “Hm?” Altair turned around to see a massive Vex hydra looking down on them with its glaring red eye. It barely fit between in the narrow walls of the citadel. His ghost identified the machine as “Damocles, Frenzied Mind.” Procyon immediately began running. “Looks like we’re high tailing it again! Away!” Altair followed suit. “No! I’m tired of running!” Auva turned to face the slow moving hydra. It roared as it pelted the area with its torch hammers, shattering rock and kicking up dust. She began to surge with void energy, and she leapt up into the air. In response, Damocles began spinning its transparent shields rapidly, until, eventually, it was encased in a cylinder of protection. Auva launched her nova bomb, which fizzled out quite anticlimactically against the shield, only yielding a smaller explosion than desired. “Run, Auva!” Altair called out, taking a glance over his shoulder. “Oh, wait.” At the sight of the now immobile hydra, he stopped, pulling on Procyon’s shoulder as well. While now indestructible, Damocles had sacrificed its mobility and offense for safety. It hovered in the air, its shield still crackling around its chassis. “Hah! Not so tough now, are ya? Let’s drop a rock on it or something.” Auva paced around the frozen hydra. Damocles’ eye followed the warlock’s movements. Procyon nudged Altair as he moved toward Damocles as well, shaking his head. “What?” The hunter asked, “seems harmless to me.” Damocles’ eye darted to the cautious warlock, and it immediately screeched, causing Auva to stumble back. “It wanted us close.” Procyon drew his hand cannon and aimed at the Vex clouds beginning to surround the hydra. Three minotaurs dropped onto the ground, but instead of fighting, they used their bulky frames to lift the hydra. Their arms passed through the shield like nothing was there, and they began to march away. “Hey!” Auva lifted her auto rifle to shoot, but was immediately attacked by a shadowy thrall. The taken had caught up. The three hurriedly escaped the Citadel, and had failed to learn anything of importance, other than the fact that the Taken had completely taken over the Vex structure.

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